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    Android 11 Burning Through the Battery

    Since the update to Android 11, I have to recharge my phone about 2/3 of the way through the day when it used to last all day and night, plus some. I have done all app updates and rebooted a few times. Still a battery hog. Facebook burns the most (bad habit!) One UI Home is next. Then Gmail...
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    Help Bionic stuck in vibrate mode with extended battery!

    I don't know how long it was doing this, but when I came back in the room from being out about 10 mins, my Bionic with an extended battery was vibrating like crazy, no ringing, no call coming in. screen was dark. I could not get it to respond with the power button or volume buttons. I had to...
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    Forum newbie

    Just saying hello! Original Droid running stock and getting slower and slower by the day. Rooted and now installing CyanogenMod. Planning to mess with this for a while before getting a new droid in the next few months. Unless, of course, things don't speed up! Then Droid 3 soon.