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    Help Phone won't use mobile data after turning off wifi

    Hello all, Over the last month or so, I've noticed that when switching off wifi my phone will not resume using mobile data unless I restart the phone. I usually use wifi as much as possible, but when I turn it off the phone doesn't have any internet connectivity over mobile data until I restart...
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    Android Upgrade possible?

    Hello! Guess I'll be the first to post a Nexus 10 question. I've got the 10 and have noticed it seems to be permanently stuck on Android 5.11. Does anyone know of an upgrade route for this old device, or am I pretty much stuck with 5.11? I'm not afraid to try a custom ROM, but didn't really know...
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    Hello all! First time here. I've got a couple Android devices and had questions that led me here, so I'll be posting for some info soon. This looks like a great place! Ken