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    internet new page prob?

    For some reason when I click on a link instead of opening a new tab its just going over the same web page instead of opening a new tab next to it, it used to open a new tab. Can anybody help on how to set it to open new page(tab)?
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    Help smart pause not working

    Hi, Got my S4 on Monday and cant get smart pause working. Its switched on. I put a movie on phone and keep trying it but doesnt do anything. Help Thanks
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    Help where has my download thing gone from bottom right?

    I've just started downloading something and normally there is a arrow that shows next to the clock at bottom right but it's not there anymore? It just says 'downloading started' in middle of screen. How can I get the arrow back so I can see when it's downloaded and go straight to it?
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    Help Overwrote my default txt font:( question.

    Like a silly fool, I downloaded a different font and when I installed it,it overwrote my default font and now when I change fonts they change on everything except on net and emails. How can I overwrite this with a normal font as this is called 'juice' it's like graffiti so hard to read on net:(
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    Help S3 noob question.

    I just swapped my iPhone 4s for a S3 & love it:p It's been rooted by the person who had it before and it won't let me run Sky Go, it tries to start and then says that Sky go can't run on rooted phone. Is there anyway of sorting this or do I have to reset everything to factory settings which I...
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    Hello and......

    Happy new year to each and everyone of you. i have just got my first android phone after moving over from the darkside of apple. just wanted a change so i swapped my 4s for a S3 and so far im impressed.