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    Fingerprint Scanner??

    Can someone help me out. I don't know why I don't have the option to use the fingerprint scanner to log into my phone. When I go to Screen Lock/Lock Screen/ the only option I have is the the password option. I did Encrypt my phone on last night so I don't know if that's the reason why I...
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    Very LAGGY!!!!

    Something is wrong. I recently moved from a One X to a One X+ and this phone is VERRRRRRRY LAGGY. Sometimes if i click my text messaging ap, it take about 5 seconds for it to come up then another 5+ seconds or so to display the text. This happens in every app. Takes awhile for the app to load. I...
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    Small pics via mms?

    Hello all, When someone sends me an MMS it comes in extremely small, thumbnail size. I'm a fairly new At&t customer and I have the One X. I was previously with Sprint had had the orginal evo, then the Evo 3d and never had this problem. So is this an At&t problem? Is there a fix for this...
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    Thinking about joining the VW family.

    Hello all, I'm thinking about joining Verizon. I've had enough of Sprint and there horrible coverage as of lately. I like the $40 a month plan plus the 70$ a month for the 6gb of data (and free hotspot). However, looking at the phone selection at Verizon. IT SUCKS. Where are the flag ship...
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    Help Maybe a stupid question but i need to know??

    I'm sorry if this may sounds "ignorant" but I need to know if I can tether from my cell phone to my tablet? If so, what app would do this? thanks in advance
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    After 13 years I'm leaving sprint

    Sprint has been pretty good with me up until now. I recently moved to the Chicago area. (April). Since I've moved I've had 10 dropped calls in April and 23 dropped calls in May. This is unacceptable. I use my cell also as my work phone and It's killing me professionally. Although, I hate to...
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    Help Radio and screen pattern troubleshooting help needed.

    I haven't posted in the forums since I changed over from my Evo4G to the Evo3d.. However, I'm FED UP.. I'm seriously considering going back to the Evo4G. [COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]1), sometimes when unlocking my phone via the lock pattern it it doesn't recognize my code. What I mean is, i...
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    Help VERY IRRITATEd(almost fed up)

    ok, i need some insight. I've had my Evo since launch day last June. However, my text messaging is getting considerably worse. When I say it's getting worse its VERY SLOW and force closes alot. It's always been slow, even when I bought the phone but now it's getting out of hand. Sometimes it...
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    Help facebook help???

    For some reason my phone no longer sync my contacts with facebook. It use to download new contacts and their phone numbers/pictures directly to my phone. It doesn't do that anymore. I don't know what happeend. I've manually sync it, etc all to no avail. What can I do to fix this problem...
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    Help ok, i need help with the 3500 mah "Chinese"

    yes, i've orded the chinese version of the 3500 from Ebay. finally got it after 2 months. I see very little differance, it doesn't even go the full 8 hours while im at work. and this is with background data off, no 4g, and wifi on. I'm not even using it that much. So whats the secret? Could...
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    Help Can someone help me out.. slow responsive phone

    My phone is really slow.. anad its really irritating me. I've deleted apps, etc. i don't know what else to do. Most of my apps are on my sdcard anyway, but i have 151MB left available :-(.. any other suggestions of what I can do?
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    Handcent problems after 2.2?

    it's very very laggy.. The lantecy is getting out of control. It takes forever to load a message, if i try 2 send a long message via MMS, it doesn't send. ( i end up having to send it via stock). Is anyone else having these issues after 2.2?
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    hard reset?

    I did a search and didn't see anything.. But is there a way to backup your info(texts, calender, memos apps, etc ets) before you do a hard reset? This is really pissing me Off.. The broswer is still closing( i downloaded the file from xda) after I rebooted.. i can't even send mms.. I'm pissed I...
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    I wish

    I wish there was a way you could zoom while video recording.. I hate that this isn't an option.. This is sooo simple.. Why couldn't HTC incorporate this in the camcorder??? UGH!!
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    Micro-USB cable????/?

    USB 2.0 A Male to MICRO 5pin Male 28/24AWG CABLE w/ Ferrite Core - (Gold Plated) - 3ft or USB 2.0 A Male to MICRO 5pin Male 28/28AWG CABLE - 3ft ?? I know i got 1 from Radio Shack that didn't work.. What's the deal is it the ferrite core? with or without it?
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    Have a few questions please help...

    I downloaded Handcent for SMS. Although I like the Stock better, i just hate that it doesn't notify you while you are on a call.. My question to you is, now that i've downloaded handcent, is there a way to shut off the stock sms? I did the running applications, but when i got a text it appeared...
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    Help me out, question about the camcorder

    I know this is a pretty "simple" question, but I can't seem to figure it out.. There's no way to "zoom" while recording? this is really irking me.. thanks in advance.
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    A simple question about my contacts sync

    My phone contacts aren't sync'n with my gmail account.Coming from Blackberry i used gsync? How can I do this with android? thanks in advance
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    Fellow Evo owners! I have a question for you??

    Ok, already people are talking about the "Evo's successor". My question to you is, what more could we or anyone else possibly ask for in a phone? I mean we have video calling, a fast"enough" processor, HDMI out and coming with 2.2 full flash.. I don't know what the Evo successor could achieve...
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    Am I the only one having this freaking problem? UGH

    Charging my phone.. 1st off, it charges when it wants to.. when it finally decides that it wants to charge the screen doesn't function.. like i can be operating the phone and plug my charger and all of a sudden the screen doesn't function.. I'm getting really irritated im on phone number 2
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    please please help.

    For some reason the entire right side of my keyboard stopped working in portrait mode. i don't know what could have caused this but it really stressing me. Any ideas on what I need to do to fix this? Please help thanks in advance.
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    I need help with RadioShack Pre-orders

    As many of you know, I pre-ordered my phone the 1st day of the preorders.. Then I received a call that something happened and they couldn't find my preorder, so I had to preorder again... To make a long story short, I still haven't received an email validating that I had a preorder. I hear that...
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    RadioShack just called and told me "they lost" my preorder. WTF??Then she goes to say if im not in by Friday they wouldn't be able to promise me that they will have it on the 4th.. Sounds like B.S to me.. I know one thing, they are going to make me catch a case with them, especially if i dont...
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    Is there any app like icam(for the iphone) in the Android market?? thanks in advance
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    I CAN'T WAiT!!

    I don't think I can WAIT!! (LOL).. This phone is soooo next generation!!! IM SOOO EXCITED LOL... June/July seem soo far away right now! Anyone else feel like this? lol