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    Am I the only one who is using HTC One E8?

    Folks, this is an awesome device: with a DUAL SIM support that can work on LTE, it's perhaps the only one for now. But I am surprised to see there are no posts, queries etc. Am I the only one using this device?
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    Help Camera not working on CM10: 03-Mar build

    Hello, was using CM9 and upgraded to CM10 today. Camera which was working on CM9 is no longer working on CM 10.. please help if I did something wrong. Used JC Sullins build.
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    Help Apps updates on Play Store cause phone to crash

    I am facing a very peculiar problem: I have set my phone to receive app updates by wifi only: I observed that at times, my phone freezes and many a time goes dead. On resetting my phone, I realize that the battery strength had greatly reduced: recently I realized that this happens whenever there...
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    Help Camera works!!! yahoooooooo!

    Read the forum... some updates on camera working... does not work on Skype yet. More progress required.
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    Help Your phone does not support software upgrading via Kies

    Please help: initially I had no such problem: even when I got an update from the stock Android 2.3.3 to 2.3.6, I was able to update via KIES. I had problems after the upgrade to 2.3.6 as the phone was regularly resetting itself on wifi. I went to the local Samsung support centre where they...
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    Samsung Galaxy S2 Firmware Upgrade & Kies Upgrade in India

    May be useful for those in India: Samsung has finally let users in India upgrade from Android 2.3.3 to 2.3.6 via Kies: I see that there is some improvement in Battery life: worth a try.
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    Kies Update available: Outlook Sync

    Samsung released a new update for Kies on 27-Sep-11. It worked well for me: Outlook contacts always worked well for me without any issues. Now, Calendar & Memos are syncing well. The trick is to move all your calendar content to the Personal Folder on outlook and then do the sync. I am thrilled...