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    Updated and lost home screen folders

    I used to have links to files in folders on my home screen. I keep things like shopping lists and list of things to do in a text file and put a link to them in a folder on my home screen. I updated the software, I am now at 11, and they disappeared. Now I can't even create a link to a file on...
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    Can't create shortcut on Pixel 3 home screen

    I had an LG phone. I had my home screen organized into folders and shortcuts in those folders. I now have a Google Pixel 3 (version 10) and I have most of it set up but I can't put shortcuts to documents on my home screen. Research says to use ES File Manager and select the file and when you hit...
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    Can't stop phone from using up my data

    I have an extremely limited data plan. So I turn off mobile data in Data Manager and turned off background data. My intent was to turn on mobile data only when I had to get an email. I use WiFi when I can and if I can't get WiFi I just go without. Some things use data anyway. Most of them are...