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    nexus one and T-Mobile

    Hey guys I just got my nexus 1 anna mobile speed test is only running at 256kbs is any one else having that slow of download. Speeds. My n900 was doing 2mbs any ideas?
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    trying to root my nexus one help!

    hey guys i just got my nexus one and im trying to root it. i looked at all the steps it all seems easy.. it says i need to unlock the bootloader and i cant seem to fig out where to download the program for that. i clicked the link they give for it but i don't see what i need to download any...
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    Google Voice

    Hey Guys and gals I'm been looking around this forum for a few months now and i have learned a ton of info. im on my 2nd Android phone 1st was the hero now the Droid. i Love the phones so far!!! SOOOOO much better then my iphone was. any way i saw something about google voice and it really got...
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    how do i get a google voice acct?

    How do i get google voice acct?
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    how do i get a google voice acct?

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    Help my droid will not send pic messages

    is any one having this same prob?