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    Help Gmail not pushing notifications / asleep?

    I've tried scouring the site for a related thread but most that seem relevant are from 2016. I have a S10 running Android 11. I have had this issue for a long time now, (I THINK) dating back to my previous S8 model. So it may not specifically be hardware related. I run multiple Gmail based...
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    Help Nexus 10 expanded storage space

    I have a non-rooted 16GB Nexus 10 that I need to increase my storage capacity on. I am looking to take a long trip and need to store several movies and TV shows to take along with me. All I could find here was older threads saying that I'll be able to read from using an OTG device (w/ the help...
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    Unresponsive screen on S4

    So I pulled the trigger and upgraded myself and the GF to S4s a little over a month ago. Of course 3 days later shes drops hers in the toilet at a Superbowl party. Yanked the batt dried everything off and left the phone over night in a bag of rice. It took a few days but everything eventually...
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    Help Text msgs not sent notification

    So a friend of mine recently picked up a Droid X and is already having an issue with it. He is using the default text messaging and is getting an error msg in the notification bar saying "5 messages not sent". He can hit "clear" and it goes away but shortly reappears. I've looked into his...
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    Help Droid locks up after unmount

    I've tried searching for related threads before posting but could not find one so forgive me if this has already been mentioned before. I have the original Moto Droid running stock 2.2. Recently I have been having issues when I unmount my phone from my work PC. I will occasionally take photos...