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    Help Remove Password on Start Up

    Help, please!! In trying to set up StrongVPN (unsuccessfully, the set up tutorials did not correspond to what I could see on the VPN settings of my Transformer), I somehow introduced the need for a Screen Lock password when I boot up. How do I remove that Screen Lock password requirement...
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    Help Watching Sport on vipbox.tv using TF101

    I watch sport (mainly football and rugby) on vipbox.tv It's free and usually works well on my laptops with very smooth motion. When I try to do the same on my Transformer TF101 (ICS) the result is very poor. The motion is jerky and often stops. Why is this? Is there any solution? :mad:
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    Help BBC iPlayer

    Can anyone explain the following? I'm trying to listen to BBC radio programmes. I am outside the UK. On my Transformer, when I do this (either directly using the BBC iPlayer app or through the BBC website) it fails. i get a message saying that the BBC doesn't support BBC iPlayer outside...
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    Screen Shot on Transformer TF101

    Does anyone know how to do a screen shot on Transformer TF101 (operating with ICS 4.0.3)? Is there a direct way to do it on the keyboard, or do you have to download an app? Thanks.
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    ice cream sandwich upgrade for asus transformer

    Can someone please enlighten me as to whether the ice cream sandwich upgrade is available for the Asus Transformer? If so, how does one get it? Thanks. :)
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    audiobooks free no longer works

    for some reason, Audiobooks Free no longer works on my Asus Transformer (honeycomb). Has anyone else experienced the same? Does anyone know the solution? Thanks for any suggestions, :)
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    Market Hijacked by GooglePlay

    My Market app has disappeared. It appears to have been taken over by GooglePlay, without my knowing it. A window now appears asking me to accept or decline GooglePlay, but when I choose decline it ignores me and the window appears again. How can I install Market again? Has anyone else...
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    BBC iplayer

    HELP!!! I have been happily watching BBC programmes until yesterday when, prompted by a message that there was an upgrade for my Asus Transformer system, I clicked OK. Since then, the BBC iplayer doesn't work. All I get is a blank screen with a funny little cube in the centre. Can anyone...
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    Help browser bookmarks

    Is there any way to arrange the bookmarks in the asus transformer browser? I don't seem to have any control over the order they appear. Thanks for any help.
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    copy ipod to asus transformer

    How do you copy music files from an iPod onto a transformer?:)
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    I'm a long-time Mac user struggling to get to grips with my Asus Transformer Tablet which I bought a few days ago. This may therefore sound like a stupid question, but please be patient. I like to listen to ClassicFM while I'm working on the computer, so I normally have a browser tab...
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    Hi, A Mac user for many years, I have just plunged into the real world by buying an Asus Android tablet, which is scary. It looks a fabulous machine, but at the same time nothing looks intuitively obvious. I think I'm going to be spending quite a lot of time on this forum asking what may...