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  1. J

    Help Lost my 3D pictures!

    I have been trying to organize my photos by connecting my Evo to my Macbook and then adding folders (albums) and moving the pictures appropriately. When I pull up the finder window to look at the photos, all of the 3D pics don't have a thumbnail of the photo, just a gray window with the file...
  2. J

    Help Auto Brightness Auto Shutoff

    My wife and I have been having the same problem. We keep the auto-brightness option checked, but every so often we find that it goes back to manual mode--and it always reverts the phone back to full brightness setting. Any ideas why this would happen?
  3. J

    GPS Still on?

    My wife is still running 1.5 on her Eris. On top of the screen in the notification bar, the GPS symbol is lit up (flashing green bars and all). I've gone into Settings>Location and the GPS option is unchecked. I've run task manager and there is nothing running that uses the GPS. I just...
  4. J

    Need Help connecting to Mac via Bluetooth

    Did a search for this and couldn't find anything. I'm trying to connect my phone to my Macbook via bluetooth and, although it is paired, it won't connect. Does anyone know of any special software I need for this? Am I missing something? Thanks for any help!
  5. J

    Verizon Customer Service Experience

    Here's my story: I've been having the same issues as everyone else, including a few lock-ups since the update (only two or three in the days following the update, and none since). But my main issue is that my phone will shut down and reboot itself while it is just sitting on the table. I've...
  6. J

    Too Expensive!!!!!!

    I took advantage of the Buy One, Get One offer for the Eris--I called them last night and they are sending me a free phone for the wife since I bought one a few weeks ago. However, I'm considering canceling it now that our monthly bill will be 165 bucks!!!! When we both had our dumbphones...
  7. J

    Mobile Network Not Connecting

    I had installed the "quick settings" app that was mentioned in another thread. When I tried to open it this morning to turn on the mobile network (I usually keep it off at home), a message popped up saying the application was not updated properly and it needed to be removed and reinstalled. I...