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  1. J

    Help LG G8 ThinQ Screen Blacks Out During Calls after update

    My phone installed an update a couple of days ago. It is running Android 10, Software Version G850UM. Every since just as soon a I dial a phone number and press the phone icon to start the call, the screen blacks out. The only way I can get it to come back on is to press the power button...
  2. J

    LG 3 Wall Charger vs LG G8 Wall Charger

    I purchased a LG G8 and it uses the new Type C charging cable. The wall charger is a different model number than the one for my LG 3. Can I use my wall charger from the LG 3 with one of the Type C cables. I keep one at work and was hoping I could just replace the cable. Thanks in advance
  3. J

    Help Cannot stop email from syncing on LG G8 ThinQ

    I have had my LG G8 ThinQ for a week. I have tried everything to stop email from syncing to the phone. I like to be able to check email when away from home, but never use the phone as a substitute for my computer. I only want it to sync when I tell it to. Constantly syncing is a waste of...
  4. J

    Help Internet access not working with Firefox, Browser - Works with Chrome

    I have the LG G3 running on the Sprint network. When I got the phone a couple of months ago, I installed Firefox. That is the browser I always used and it worked fine on my phone. I do not use it often, but was going out of town this week-end and wanted to use Mapquest. To my surprise when I...
  5. J

    How to stop Cellular Data from turning itself on

    Could someone tell me how I can turn off cellular data on the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze and keep it from turning itself back on? In just a couple of days I have gone over my usage limit. I keep going into Wireless and Networks, Mobile Networks and unchecking Use Packet Data. Within a couple of...
  6. J

    How Do I Turn Off Cellular Data

    How do I completely turn off cellular data on my Nexus 5, Android Version 5, so I do not go over my monthly limit? I thought I had it off, but just checked my usage and it has again used some and I have not intentionally done anything. I use WiFi for all updates and that is really all I do...
  7. J

    Help How do I set Nexus 5 to use WiFi when available and mobile access when WiFi is not available

    I just got a Nexus 5 and really like it, but it appears that it is using my mobile internet access (which I have to pay for) even when WiFi is available. Is there some setting which I have not found that controls this? If I go into Access Point Names and choose one that will not work for...