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    Help Verizon Kit Kat - new status bar icon

    I took the update yesterday morning, and I'm curious if anyone knows what the new icon that is taking up space on the status bar is? I haven't figured it out but would like to hide it if possible.
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    Couple of battery saving tricks I stumbled upon

    While looking at some other (newer) device threads, I stumbled upon a couple of tricks that may help with battery life on the S3. The first should work with any S3 running 4.3 (not sure about older versions). If you go to Settings>System Settings>Wi-Fi(tap to left of on/off toggle), then tap...
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    Off contract prices - Moto X and Droid Maxx

    FYI, the Moto X and Droid Maxx are both $449.99 off contract right now through VZNs website. This is down from $499.99 for both the last time I looked. Maybe one silver lining of the Edge program will be more realistic pricing for off contract phones...
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    Buying phone off contract, same return policy as subsidized phone?

    If I were to buy a phone, say the LG G2, off contract, could I try it and return it within 14 days the same as when you upgrade at a subsidized price? Basically I am looking at replacing my S3 and I'm down to the LG G2 or a Droid Maxx. I'm pretty sure I know what I'm getting with the Maxx...
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    LG G2 vs Droid Maxx (VZN)

    Anyone have experience with both of these phones? Thinking about going a different direction than my current S3 and these are at the top of my list. Main priorities are signal strength, good GPS lock, and battery life. I've had good luck with Motorola radios in the past and I like the idea...
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    32GB Nexus 7 2013 on Amazon

    I just ordered one for $239 OTD here. No $25 Play money but also no tax vs. Best Buy's sale, and I'll have it Wednesday.:D ETA: WiFi version...
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    Switching between 2 phones on one line

    A friend had given me a Droid RAZR a while back and I would like to be able to switch between it and my S3 to try to prolong the S3s life (spend a lot of time outside). My question is what is the process to get the Razr active on my line? Do I simply swap in my 4G sim card or do I need to...
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    Help What should I expect for battery life?

    After owning my Touchpad for about a year, I finally took the plunge and installed CM9 last night. Just wondering what I should expect for battery life. With WebOS I could go days without charging with minimal use whereas it's down to 39% since the install yesterday. I'm guessing it will get...
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    Activating S3 and keeping unlimited data

    I've seen it mentioned in a few of the threads scattered between this and the S3 forum about calling VZ to activate to ensure you keep your unlimited data plan. I've always just activated phones OTA via *228. What are everyone's thoughts on how to activate when we start receiving our S3s?
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    Root No LED notification after installing GB?

    I installed GB last night and haven't been getting LED notifications for emails ever since. I can't find a setting to turn them on either. Am I missing something, or is this missing?
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    Root SBF update issue of a different flavor...

    Hi all, I've been runing on the original Froyo leak, 2.3.9, since it was available. I've been happy with it, but decided to get the phone to the current release and be able to get OTA's if/when available. I found the SBF files I needed here...
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    Help Wrench/hammer icon in notification bar...

    I had some app updates show up in Appbrain and after installing them I restarted my phone. After it booted, I now have a icon of a wrench crossing a hammer with a "1" outlined in red. Anyone know what this is? There is nothing when I pull down the notification screen, and I don't see any...
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    Help Speedometer in Nav/Google Maps?

    I thought I read somewhere that one of the mapping programs has a speedometer, but I haven't been able to find it as on option in either Google Nav or Maps. Am I missing a setting somewhere, or was I just dreaming about the speedometer?
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    Help ArDifferent sounds for notifications?

    Are there any apps that allow different sounds for different types of notifications? I would like to have a different sound for texts, email, etc. I used phone alarm for Winmo and could set LEDs, sounds, etc. and want to find something similar for the X.
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    ArDifferent sounds for notifications?

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    "General IP Address" added to account?

    In going through the online order process today, I noticed this on the "Review Changes" page. Listed as a new feature is "General IP Address" as a no charge addition. Anyone know what this is for? Tethering??? WiFi Hotspot??? Usage tracking??? :confused: I have a WinMo smartphone and this...