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    Remove the shadows/color behind icon title?

    On the desktop each of the shortcuts (or icons) has a dark grey rounded color bar behind the white text. I saw someone, somewhere had theirs changed to purple. Can I change the color of this, or have it removed? Thank you!
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    Fastest Path from .TXT to Android Desktop

    There are several apps that a user create various files from an Android (textual documents, audio recordings, photos, links) and store them on a website where they can be accessed later from a desktop computer. I am looking for a way to do the reverse. I do a lot of data gathering from my...
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    List of Transparent Widgets

    Hello, I am compiling a list of all of the widgets that can be made fully transparent or nearly transparent. Please add any app that you know of...thanks! [Hijacked by Roze] I have taken liberty to updating the OP's list. When I have time, I'll organize it and include the market link to...