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    Comprehensive Battery Guide

    Hi to all whom read this. First of all, a note. This is a guide I have made from my own experience, conducting some tests and using my knowledge as an electrical engineer student. I am not saying this will work for all, as there is no "definate" proof in some of these guidelines, and each...
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    Easy way to increase battery life

    As this seems to be a popular topic, I thought I'd post my suggestion :). My DHD has a battery life of about 2 full days (meaning, after one night of charging, I unplugg it, and don't plug it in, before the evening about 40 hours after). By the time I charge, it has about 20% battery left, so I...
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    Help HTC Desire HD calender issue

    I'm using my HTC Desire HD with a google sync account. I use the calender on google actively for my appointments, and I have also added a automatically updated calender from my school (iCal format - webaddress) so I have an updated schedule for my classes. When I access the calender from my...