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    Root How to get started.

    I want to learn how to create my own cyanogenmod ROMs from scratch but there are so many sources whenever I look and none of them are the same. I figured on of you guys could get me started on the right track.:confused:
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    Root Combining themes

    Okay so I have two themes that I like different aspects of. Mainly I want to the the notifications menu theme from one have put into the other one. Is there any way of doing this. I have the .akp's for both of them. Any help is welcome.
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    Root S-OFF question.

    So I'm going to be getting this phone in the next few days, and I was wondering will any insulated wire work for this wire trick. My cousin has this phone and I tried it using a wire taken from one of my sisters projects. It carried current between a light bulb or power switch. I thought it...
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    Root Leaving the OE behind.

    Well I sold my old snow blower and got enough money for a new phone. My mom was in need of a new one so I gave her my OE and I ordered an Evo V 4g. I just wanted to thank Artine for all the hard work he put into this phone and it really made this phone enjoyable for the time that I had it. If i...
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    Root This Phone Scores High Than The iPhone 4s

    I did a couple geekbench runs on this phone and ,apparently, it scores about 100 points higher than the iPhone 4s. What do you guys think. iPhone 4S vs LGE LG-VM696 - Geekbench Browser
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    Root Question about overclock.

    I had read somewhere the this phone could possibly go up to 2ghz while overclocked. I don't know much about the inner workings of android os, but would it be possible to overclock this phone to that, or is 1.6 the max it goes too. Just wondering and any feedback is appreciated.