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    Help can only get battery to 100% by charging while switched off

    Upgraded to 2.3.3 via kies last week so standard samsung firmware in use with no mods, and battery life has went through the roof :D Noticed two problems with charging though, can anyone help? 1) If phone is left on and plugged into charger for overnight charge then it must be getting to...
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    Galaxy S High Capacity third party battery options

    Guys, Going on a trip and would like a high capacity battery inc. enclosure to take with me. Can anyone make any personal recommendations? Preferrably from UK distributors if possible. I've had a look online and they are easy to find, however I would prefer to hear from a third party...
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    Help upgrading apps from market My Apps has vanished

    I've had my phone for almost a year and have around 120+ apps installed (I know because I just backed them all up to the SD card in preparation for the 2.3 kies update) I've went onto the market today to download the new versino of flash and under my apps it is only showing about 10 apps...
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    Help how to reset Flash

    Anyone else experiencing this? When I use a site with Flash content (e.g. BBC/iplayer, not just this site though) sometimes the video refuses to play and says that I need to install FLASH. The link points me to the download site and it simply says that it is already installed. Switching...
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    Help OCLF & Stock JPM Froyo

    I upgraded from JM2 to JPM Froyo (Stock) at the weekend and SGS is running like a train... very nice. The only real issue I have is with the Email client... it's painfully slow, really. Everything else feels pretty snappy. Forums suggest OCLF will fix this however I am unsure if I can use it...
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    Help Froyo update help

    I'll try to be brief. Got fed up waiting, downloaded Odin, 0803 pit file and samsung firmware I9000XXJPM from several places. I was following the instructions on the XDA site and I am stuck at the final step. The problem I have is which files are which in the unzipped I9000XXJPM RAR file...
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    Help Confused - Is Froyo available or not?

    Been trawling about at lunchtime today and came accross a set of instructions on the Vodafone UK website for installing Froyo (in the forums) Instructions seem pretty simple, i.e. backup, download a zip, copy to SD, and install (that's about it) My phones already rooted from an old lagfix...
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    New Kies & Firmware Galaxy S (15-10-10)

    Been on holiday guys so apologies if this is old news. Checked this morning and there is a new Kies (dated 15/10) available for download from the Samsung mobile UK site. In addition there is also a firmware update. I've installed Kies but not the firmware update yet. Does anybody know if...
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    New Kies 1.5.3 available for download (UK)

    New Kies downloading just now through automatic update.
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    Should you unroot before Froyo upgrade Galaxy S

    I've posted this question over on the Samsung Galaxy S section, however, it may be a more general query that someone can help with, particularly the unrooting query as I realise some other phone users have already went through the 2.1-2.2 upgrade. I've rooted and applied the "one click LAG...
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    Help Does Lag fix need to be removed before Froyo upgrade

    I'm probably in the same situation as many SGS owners, i.e. installed the one click LAG fix to overcome the issues with 2.1. As 2.2 is due out (in the UK) probably sometime in the next few weeks, can someone more technical advise if the LAG fix should be removed and the phone unrooted before...
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    Help Couple of Widget queries

    I've installed both the facebook and twitter widget on my Galaxy S and can't find the following info anywhere on widgets in general. 1. Do widgets automatically poll for updated information? 2. How often, and can I change the frequency of updates? 3. If I can set preferences for widgets...
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    Help Galaxy S long filename problems

    I was looking for a new media player for my galaxy S and after searching downloaded realplayer and doubletwist from the app store earlier today to have a look. After a few hours the phone stopped recognising my SD storage, i.e. as if there wasn't a card in there and I thought that I was in...
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    Help Galaxy S GPS force switch on

    is there a way to force the GPS on the Galaxy S to switch on? I'm using Goggle Navigation and sometimes the GPS fails to switch on. I can get round it with 'turn it off - turn it on' and works first time, however, is there a way of just turning off the GPS and turning it back on, or forcing...
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    T-Mobile Pulse Mini Video recorder resolution

    Bought a T-Mobile Pulse Mini as a 2nd phone for one of my kids from TESCO at the weekend
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    Help How to turn data off on Galaxy S

    Hi, travelling to Europe from the UK and need to turn off all data for the duration of my stay (would cost me $17 per day at my current usage) This is easily done with one setting on my iPhone, but I am unsure how to get the same done easily with my Galaxy S I really need to make sure that...
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    i-anything convert

    Hi all. Just thought I should say hi and thanks for the informative posts that have helped me traverse the chasm from apple to android. I've been an Iphone user since the original. Love the forum everyone and hopefully I can contribute some help to others in the future. cheers