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    Help No WiFi

    Ok so here is the deal. My Prevail took a crap on me so I bought me a Rush. Once activated everything seemed to be working ok but then I tried the WiFi. It connects to the network and gives me an IP address but does not seem to connect to ANYTHING. Is there something I am missing is the rush not...
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    Question about shortcuts

    Does anyone know if it is possible to set a shortcut to a web page on your home screen instead of loading browser and opening favorites? If so what is the easiest way to do that?
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    Help SD Card Question

    Can anyone confirm if a UHS-1 enabled sd card will work in the prevail.
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    Apps Simple development question.

    I was reading somewhere that to develop for android 2.3.x or higher you needed to be running a 64bit OS. I only found one reference to this so can any dev confirm or disprove this for me? I really don't see why OS would matter for coding maybe it's for running the emulator?
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    Average 3G Speeds

    Simple questions: What is your average download speeds? Specify kb/s or kB/s please. What ROM are you using? What Baseband are you using? What general area are you in? Now I have done networking for well over 10 yrs so I know that many things will factor in. I am not looking for speedtest...
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    Root Android development Windows VS Linux

    OK we have some great devs here so lets hear from some of you. I am new to android dev work. Any other dev work I have done in the past has been in MS environments. I see lots of tutorials for both MS and Linux based programs but lets hear from the pros. Which OS do you guys prefer to work...
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    I Feel The NOOB Coming Out

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    I Feel The NOOB Coming Out

    Dont hate too much as I know this should not be in prevail section as it has nothing to do with phones at all but the forums itself. This is the first forum that I have seen where likes and thanks go into your profile like accomplishments. My question is: Do they serve any purpose to the...
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    Root One Stop Shop Idea/Suggestion

    All ideas on this would be great. Let me know if this is something you guys want. I see where everyone is willing to point where something is but why have to dig for the download link. Idea: Use one location for all file hosting. I currently have a dropbox acct with 2.25GB storage. Pros...