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    Root How to flash to a new rom

    I tried looking around and searching but there is SO much info out there it's hard to weed through it all. I currently have Bionix-v 1.3.1 by Team Whiskey on my phone but I am unhappy with the performance in some places. I want to load Nero v3 w/ voodoo 5.04. I have only ever found one rom...
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    Root Problem installing rom

    I've had a rooted phone before running a Team Whiskey rom and loved it but I broke my phone and was given an unused new Vibrant. I got it rooted and was going to install the new Team Whiskey Bionix V1.3.1. Everything was fine...I installed Clockwork Recovery, did a backup, put the zip on my...
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    Root Bionix-V 1.2 Geo tagging disable

    I really don't like geo-tagging my pictures and now that I have Team Whiskey's Bionix-V I can't find where to turn it off. Help?
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    How to for Launcher Pro Plus?

    I really like this look: Is this all done via Launcher Pro plus or are there other apps involved? I searched as much as I could and really couldn't come up with a good guide on how to get started with LP+. Thanks for any help.
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    Root Leave "update.zip" on phone after rooting?

    Do I have to or is it required to leave the "update.zip" on the phone after rooting? Benefits of doing so? Any chance of messing something up by leaving it there?
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    Root Root newb looking for suggestions

    Hey guys, I have been a member on here for a while but haven't posted much. The last time was when I had a semi-bricked Vibrant due to an OTA update I got while rooted. I got the problem fixed, thanks to suggestions from you guys, but I decided then I wouldn't root again. Well, I'm over that...
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    Root Updated Rooted phone and now stuck

    I recently rooted my phone. I have not done any custome ROMs and only had it overclocked for a couple hours (it wasn't stable enough for me.) I've got a back up saved on my home computer. This morning I got notification of an OTA update from T-Mobile. I did the update and now the phone is stuck...