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  1. Knitewulf

    Root Motofail doesn't work on .906 for me!

    It says I have a read only file system. I have no idea how to fix that please help
  2. Knitewulf

    Help Touchscreen not working in portrait mode but is working in landscape mode, help?

    Recently my touchscreen has become unresponsive in portrait mode, all 4 hardware buttons are useless as well the simple solution to this is to slide the keyboard up and the touchscreen starts working again as well as the 4 hardware buttons. It doesn't seem like the touchscreens broken or that...
  3. Knitewulf

    Root Droid 3 stock rom?

    My phone has recently ran into problems and for reasons out of my control I don't have a stock nandroid backup. Is there anyway I could find a rom of it or something and run it on my phone? My phone has become nearly unusable and I need to take it into Verizon ASAP to get another. Thanks in...
  4. Knitewulf

    Help Freezing constantly. Having to do ~30 battery pulls every 3 or 4 hours

    I honestly don't know what happened. My phone is turned off so I can only use Wi-fi and usually I never have trouble with it, but around 2 or 3 nights ago it started freezing and just freaking out. I didn't download anything new at that time that might have caused this. I still had a good 2gigs...
  5. Knitewulf

    Good monster hunting/raising apps?

    I'm talking about things that emulate stuff such at Dragon Quest Monsters, Pokemon or Digimon. So far the apps I have found are: Monsters My Monster Rancher Drago Pet I can't find many more. Does anyone have any out there?
  6. Knitewulf

    Root Steel Droid3 V3.0 is snappy!

    It was the first official ROM for the Droid 3 and is constantly updating and I just like the way its been presented and looks a lot more than any of the other ROMs, anyways I have always thought my phone was fast, but this update I can actually tell it got faster. Its wonderful. Just letting...
  7. Knitewulf

    Root Can we get a thread with all system app APKs in it?

    If anyone can include a list of all the bloatware APKs that would be wonderful. Also, if I just do an unroot and factory reset would that return all the APKs to my phone?
  8. Knitewulf

    Root Notification battery icon broken

    The battery icon in my notification bar doesn't display the correct battery usage anymore. Is there any way to fix this?
  9. Knitewulf

    Root Is there a cheap alternative to Titanium Backup Pro?

    I don't really find it worth paying the 6 dollars just so I can freeze apps. Is there any other applications I can use to freeze an app?
  10. Knitewulf

    Best music viewing/playing app?

    What's the best app to play music on your phone?
  11. Knitewulf

    Help Grouping Pictures in Different Albums

    When I group pictures into different albums is their a way to get them to disappear from the "all pictures" folder without deleting the picture in all albums?
  12. Knitewulf

    New Market 3.0.27

    I just got an update to the new market. It looks pretty nice and it feels sleek. Its a totally different look and it somewhat reminds me of a windows phone, but I will upload pics as soon as I find a way to screen grab without being rooted.
  13. Knitewulf

    Any turn-based strategy games out there?

    I love playing RPGs on my phone, but I've looked and haven't been able to find any of these types of games. I'm talking about turn-based strategy like Fire Emblem or Agarest War. I've found plenty of RPGs but none like that. Could someone please recommend a few to me?
  14. Knitewulf

    Help 3hours and 30 minutes and already 40% battery

    What is with this phones battery? Its horrible. I have juicedefender installed for today and it hasn't shown any improvements. I haven't used it much at all. My top battery drains are cell standby with 30% and idle with 20%, display with 18% and android system with 15% and after that's there's...
  15. Knitewulf

    Help Tips to improve battery life?

    Hi, I just purchased my new droid last night. Upgraded from an OG Droid and I must say the speed and smoothness I am utterly impressed by, but the battery life not so much. I'm already down to something like 20% in about 7 hours from texting, light facebook use and viewing some in-app comics for...
  16. Knitewulf

    Root "Download unsuccesful" no matter what.

    No matter what I do on my droid it always ends up with the download unsuccesful. I'm rooted and have ultimatedroid (the 2.2 version) on my phone. I've tried deleting the market cache and data, deleting market updater data, deleting download manager cache and data, changing the date...
  17. Knitewulf

    Are their any apps that could run a CMD prompt?

    or anything of the sort to help with hackable stuff? not using my computer from the phone itself.
  18. Knitewulf

    Root Swype still not working after installing newest betal

    I followed the directions the e-mail gave me. I downloaded it got the site and got the new version( and then when I try swyping to type I get the same blue box I did when it was outdated.... Why does swype have to be such a pain to use.
  19. Knitewulf

    Root Wireless Tether not running?

    Whenever I run wireless tether it runs for like 2 seconds and then 0 kbps for the rest of the time. Is there any way to fix this? Running 2.2 and the current version of lithium mod. Please and thanks.
  20. Knitewulf

    Root Horrible Battery life with BB .4

    Well lately my battery life has been horrid. If I am lucky I get 7-8 hours. That's with little to no internet use and just texting. Like now I'm at 70% and my phones been unplugged for 1 hour and all I have done is text a little and browse Facebook via the app for a little. I'm using BB .4 with...
  21. Knitewulf

    Root So I fixed my phone and a refurb is being sent to me...

    Last night my phone gave out during a baseband update and left me with no bars. I was at a beach house so panicing without a computer called Verizon. They said they were sending me a refurb via fed-ex to me. Well today I had access to a computer and managed to fix my phone. So now that I have...
  22. Knitewulf

    Root Baseband gave me no bars

    I did a baseband update and it wasn't working i it.restarted my phone and no i have no bars. What do i do to fix this?
  23. Knitewulf

    Root Fully charged and shutting off, not sending messages etc

    My phone doesn't seem to like me. When its fully charged it still shows as 0 battery and then shuts off. Now its not sending any messages and when I view youtube or something to long it says no network connection when there is.... What is wrong with my Droid? Please help... Im running CM6.
  24. Knitewulf

    Root Nextheme on cyanogen mod 6

    Does Fabulous' build work? or is it hopeless and we need to wait till Koush makes a theme?
  25. Knitewulf

    Root Can not wiping data cause reboot issues?

    Well since I've gotten into installing custom ROMs its nice, but I hate wiping data/cache. I've gone from Nexbeast 1.1 to Nexfro .4 without a wipe. No complaints but when I drop my phone it immediatly reboots. When I open it and click stuff to fast it will reboot and sometimes for no reason at...