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  1. esn

    Sense vs Launcher Pro

    I had launcher pro installed as soon as I got my Rezound but after a reboot loop issue for a few days I went back to sense to see if the rebooting would stop and I kinda like it better. Tech support recommended I stay with sense to see what happens. Anyone else using sense?
  2. esn

    no restocking fee

    I just got off the phone with verizon tech support and they told me if I wanted to return my razr they would wave the restocking fee since they don't have a fix for the signal issue. I also am unable to sync my google calenders and they were unable to help me. They suggested I return the device...
  3. esn

    coming from incredible 2

    Anyone coming from the Droid incredible 2? I find the razr to be 10 times faster plus the screen blows the dinc away.
  4. esn

    camera issue

    After a day of working with my Razr I can honesty say the camera is horrible! Coming from the dinc 2 the razr is not even close. I will be looking at the rezound on Monday I take a lot of photos in my business and send them via email. The comparison between the two is like night and day.
  5. esn

    Call Quality

    One of the biggest things I have noticed is how clear the phone calls are on the Razor. Coming from a HTC device this phone blows it away with crystal clear calls. I have only had the phone less than a day and so far no real major issues yet.
  6. esn

    Droid Incredible 2

    I have a Droid Incredible 2 for sale with wall charger no box in excellent condition. $200.00 firm includes shipping Pay Pal only I can send pictures.
  7. esn

    tablet fans

    I just purchased a galaxy tab and love it so far looking for any helpful information.
  8. esn

    Miren browser

    I just download Miren browser and it's a world of difference from the stock browser. I tried Dolphin Browser and Miren is great!
  9. esn


    I am looking for a good case that wont effect the power buttons on the dinc 2 any suggestions.
  10. esn

    Help renaming pictures

    Is there a way to rename pictures on the Fascinate?
  11. esn

    Help Fast Reboot

    I installed the app Fast Reboot the other day and it works great except after using it I found it caused my in call screen to only stay lit for 2 seconds at a time unable to punch keypad without hitting unlock button every 2 seconds. Anyone else having this issue?
  12. esn

    Help Phone freezing?

    This is my Second Fascinate I returned my first one so that I could get the free one from best buy. This one is much faster than my first one, but it seems to freeze up once a day while using it . Anyone else having this issue?
  13. esn

    shoot me

    I just tried the screen capture app "shoot me" and it works on a unrooted Fascinated the app says it only works on a rooted device. Give it a try if you want to take screen shots.
  14. esn

    Accessories extended battery

    Does anyone know if the extended battery will fit with the shell holster combo?
  15. esn

    Rebooting , freeze ups and 3g signal loss

    I am having all three of these issues with my X and after speaking with Verizon they won't exchange anymore because they say these are known issues with no fixes for them yet. It sounds like Verizon is selling defective devices and not being honest to the customer before they purchase the Droid...
  16. esn

    Droid X for Sale

    I have a two week old Droid x for sale in perfect condition it comes with all original accessories and box. Also it has a screen protector on it plus 1 extra and a shell holster combo case . $500.00 firm paypal only free shipping. Pm me if interested
  17. esn

    Replacement X

    I am going on two days with a new replacement X and so far no issues at all plus The camera takes better pictures and no reboots so far. The new X seems much different than my original X. I just hope it stays this way.
  18. esn

    Day 30

    Just wondering how everyone likes their X so far? I love mine best smart phone I have owned so far!
  19. esn

    Help My Droid X is going crazy

    From jump street my X has always acted up a little with reboots and a couple crashes which a battery pulled fixed. Well today it crashed twice I had to do a wipe and reinstall all of my apps but now when it sleeps it wont come back on I have to do a battery pull WTF! Spoke to vzw rep on the 7th...
  20. esn

    Help Gtalk issue?

    My business Gmail account is the main account on my X and I have a personal Gmail account also on my X. The issue is I want to use my personal email for Gtalk but I am unable to log in with that email it seems that my business email is locked in any suggestions?
  21. esn

    Gtalk issue?

  22. esn

    Keeps getting better every day!

    I find my Droid X more and more useful every day from navigation to taking videos on the job site. It is a big help in a small package!
  23. esn

    Are you keeping or giving up on the Droid X?

    I love my X best device in a long time! It's a keeper!
  24. esn

    Help delivery reports

    I am trying to find how to view my delivery reports for my sms. I have it set to create the report but were is the report. On my Dinc you hit the menu button when you were in messages and it gave you the option to view or delete them. I can't seem to find it on my X.
  25. esn

    First Impression

    I received my X yesterday and coming from a Dinc I am very impressed! I thought the Dinc was awesome but wow this phone after a full day is far superior to the Dinc IMO. I thought sense was good but the UI in the X has some nice features in which the Dinc did not have but don't get me wrong the...