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  1. jericko

    Help Any way to install Smart Settings or LG SmartWorld on a Verizon G4 without Root?

    My LG G4 is a work phone with Airwatching running so I can not root it. I have the Verizon version (my wife has the Sprint version). Is there anyway to install the Smart Settings or LG Smartworld? Thanks for any help
  2. jericko

    CROMBi-kk - My Review

    Both my wife and I each have a TF300, and have been running stock since we bought them over a year ago. In the past few month, each tablet has become almost unstable with horrible lag issues. I decided to unlock my bootloader, and install CROMBi-kk. I used to install ROMs on my old HTC EVO...
  3. jericko

    Help S4 - How to cycle through all home screen like the S3?

    Hello I just got a S4 (upgraded from a S3) and on my S3 (TouchWiz) I was able to cycle through all my home screen in one circular motion. On my S4, I can only go from left to right and vice verse. Does anyone know if there is a option to let you cycle through all the home screens? I know it...
  4. jericko

    Root Need Help Putting a ROM on my TF300

    SO I decided I want to install Cromi-X on my tablet. So from the reading, here is what I think I must do: 1. Download the unlock tool from ASUS and unlock my boot loader. 2. Install TWRP 3. Install CROMi-X ODEX 5.2.4_Signed.zip from TWRP What I I am having problems figuring out is...
  5. jericko

    Help Whats the best/most stable custom ROM?

    My wife and I both have TF300s, and they both seem a bit sluggish. What is the best ROM(s) out there that are stable and look nice (like stock)? Thanks Jason
  6. jericko

    Help Best place to buy a Good Battery?

    My stock battery went back so I picked up one on eBay and its not very good. Looking for someone online I can buy a good battery or OEM even. Any help is much appreciated!
  7. jericko

    Anyone Pay for GoSMS Premium Pro?

    I really like GO SMS for for text program, but the Ads are getting annoying. I was thinking about paying the $5 for the Premium. Has anyone paid for this? If this a one time payment for life, or I thought I read it just for 6 months. I was just looking for some feedback before I paid. Thank...
  8. jericko

    Help How do I make Player Pro my default Music App

    On my S3, I have Player Pro installed, and when I use Google Voice Commands to play a song, it always launches in the default Music Player and not Player Pro. Does anyone know how I can change/fix this? Thanks for the help! Jason
  9. jericko

    Help How do you turn off the Google Now PopUps?

    So if I am reading a book or running any app in full screen mode, I keep getting Google weather pop-ups from Google Now. Does anyone know how to turn these pop-ups off? Thanks in Advance! jason
  10. jericko

    Whats the best MP3 player?

    I have a S3 and a Asus Tf300 tab, looking to get a good MP3 player from the market that I can use on both? I read PowerAmp might be good, but wanted to get the opinions of the experts here. Biggest feature for me is easy to use interface. Thanks in advance for the advice!
  11. jericko

    Help Can the TF300 support a 64 gig MicroSD?

    I keep finding conflicting details on weather the TF300 can support a 64 gig MicroSD card.
  12. jericko

    Root [Sprint/Cricket] Can you root on JB?

    I had issues upgrading my rooted S3 to JB, so I flashed a stock non-rooted rom and stock recovery and let Sprint update my phone L3, then flashed the L7 JB ROM though the standard recovery and got it all working again. Love JB. Now that I am on JB, can I just flash...
  13. jericko

    Need Rec for a good Business Card app

    Looking for a app that works like KeyRing where I can store business cards of contractors and whatnot in my phone. Can anyone recommend a good app for this? Thanks for you time in advance!
  14. jericko

    Root [Sprint/Cricket] Can someone answer some newbie questions?

    I just got my S3 and LOVE it! Should I root now before taking the JB update (since its now being pushed out) One I root, can I take the OTA JB update? Is rooting this phone pretty easy? Will I keep all my apps/settings? Thanks Jason
  15. jericko

    Help Any date for JB on Sprint?

    Any word when the S3 will be upgraded to JB on Sprint? Thank you!
  16. jericko

    Help Is there a gallery type widget on the S3 or anyknow know of a App?

    I just got my S3 and LOVE it, but miss my Gallery Widget from my HTC Evo. Photo Frame does not provide what I want. Does anyone know of a widget on the S3 I am maybe missing or a Similar Type app on the Google play store? Thanks for the help! Jason
  17. jericko

    Anyone upgrade from a OG Evo?

    I have a OG EVO running MikG, and have decided its time to upgrade. My question if for the people who have upgrade from a OG Evo, do you like the S3? Do you miss Sense? Does the phone feel as solid as the Evo does? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks Jason
  18. jericko

    Insurance for the S3 or skip?

    I am getting ready to upgrade from my OG Evo to the new S3, and Sprint said my insurance will raise from $8 to $11 and the deductible will go from $100 to $150. So for my wife and I, we will be paying $22 per month in insurance combined. Maybe its better to drop and self-insure. What do...
  19. jericko

    Jelly Bean update for the TF300 - Out Now!

    ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 gets Jelly Bean update, TF700 looks at watch impatiently -- Engadget
  20. jericko

    Update: We are getting Jelly Bean!!!!!!!!!!!

    Android Tablets Which will Receive Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update - List ~ THE ANDROID COP | Tracking Android OS Update: ASUS Transformer Prime, TF300 and Infinity TF700 getting Jelly Bean in 'the coming months' -- Engadget
  21. jericko

    Help Getting ready to upgrade from the OG EVO, some questions

    So I have been rocking my EVO 4G for over 2 years and I am long due for a upgrade. 1. Should I choose the LTE EVO or the Samsung S3? 2. Can the EVO LTE be rooted yet? 3. Any problems with this phone so far? 4. If you have this phone, are you happy with it? Thanks for your time! Jason
  22. jericko

    Help HDMI out - No Video or Sound.

    So I ordered a Micro HDMI cable and tried it on 2 different Samsung LCDs TV with both my TF300 and my Wife's TF300 and could not get sound or video working at all. Is there something I need to enable? Is it possible I have a bad cable? Thanks for any help in advance! Jason
  23. jericko

    Review: Poetic HardBack Protective Case

    So my Poetic cases arrives today, bought 2 of them. Looking at them, they are really nice. Putting the Tablet in the case looked nice and all the holes lines up perfect, I was able to charge the tablet while in the case with no issues. This is "almost" the perfect case with one major flaw, the...
  24. jericko

    Reiew: XtremeGuard Screen Protector Shield

    To generate some activity in this forum, I though I would post the following review: XtremeGuard Screen Protector: I am a big fan of the wet shields such as Invisible Shield, Best Skins, Ghost Armor, and XtremeGuard. Ordered from them all in the past, and the one thing I found out, they are...
  25. jericko

    Got two TF300s coming today, a few quick questions.

    I ordered two TF300s for the wife and I, and they are scheduled to be delivered today. I read you should charge them before using at least two hours, is that correct? I am planning on putting on Screen Guards (the wet ones that take overnight to dry). Should I worry about dead pixels before...