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  1. DMedina559

    Root (LGMS550) What program should be used to flash the KDZ

    What program do I use to flash a KDZ for the MetroPCS Stylo 2 Plus, I want to start playing around with my phone but want to make sure i can flash the phone back to 100% stock. I already have the kdz (10i) but dont have a program to use to flash it, will Flash Tool 2014 work or will i need...
  2. DMedina559

    Root Backing up EFS partition

    I've seen a lot of post about not being able to backup the EFS partition. So I've got somewhat of a solution. Just requires root and a terminal emulator (adb works too) In terminal just do: and it'll make a backup img of that partition. I'm not sure about restoring it with Android booted butI...
  3. DMedina559

    Root phone keeps booting to recovery

    My cousins L70 (i might be buying it assuming she gets a new phone) keeps booting to CWM, doesnt even go to charging screen, just boots into CWM, how can i fix this?
  4. DMedina559

    Root Root on Linux?

    Is there a way I can root my t399n without Odin? I can get Odin running in wine but the phone can't be detected in download mode, and I can't get a VM running. My computer is running manjaro (but soon to be Ubuntu 14 if I can find my SD or USB ) if that's any help
  5. DMedina559

    Root Phone has gone crazy

    My phone has started acting really dumb stating this morning(was running CM12, now there's no system on it), it went to an all blue screen, then it turned off, now it doesn't turn on, and when it does it just does the same thing, when in recovery IT DOES THE SAME THING, so i don't think its a...
  6. DMedina559

    Root Link2sd problem with CM12 (MS323)

    I can't get link2sd to link any apps without them disappearing (or even open after linking to sdext [ext4]) on reboot, also link2sd plus force close link2sd
  7. DMedina559

    Root MS323 C update

    Here's the c update if anyone wanted it.. Could possibly help root it Wouldn't recommend flashing in a custom recovery, as there's a radio.img and I don't think custom recovery can flash radios
  8. DMedina559

    Help Boot audio

    How can I have the phone play boot audio? I tried moving android_audio.mp3 to /system/media/ and change permissions yo rwrr but it doesn't play, and I also added ro.config.play.bootsound=1 to build.prop but still doesn't play. Any tips appreciated :3
  9. DMedina559

    Root I need help fixing my lock screen or change it

    Every time I change my lock screen wallpaper, it changes fine until I reboot the phone or it powers off (usually when I add something in xposed, or the battery dying) it reverts back to the stock wallpaper, can I fix this somehow? Or possibly change the lock screen? Any help is greatly...
  10. DMedina559

    Root CyanogenMod DSP Manager on L70

    I got the CyanogenMod DSP Manager working on my L70! :D DSP Manager Download it and move the files to the /system folders, set file permission to rwrr and the folder permissions to rwxrxrx then reboot your phone :) I also place backups of the files being replaced along with it in case anything...
  11. DMedina559

    Help Trouble changing album name

    Any way to fix the above? I try using the stock LG music app to change them but it always reverts back to this. Its really bugging me so I'd appreciate any suggestions
  12. DMedina559

    Root Unroot?

    Is there a way I can unroot the root master root. Root master won't let me delete anything in /system (it deletes it but it ALWAYS comes back, I used root browser to delete the apps), and it won't allow SuperSU or Superuser to update the binary (it says its successful but it reverts back to the...
  13. DMedina559

    Help!! I'm stuck on a black screen after Samsung logo

    Hi; I have a Samsung Galaxy Discover for Cricket (SCH-R740C) that gets stuck on a black screen(after the boot logo) when trying to turn it on. I have tried leaving the battery out for 8min, doing a factory rest multiple times(along with wiping cache) in recovery, and leaving it at the black...
  14. DMedina559

    Goodbye Elite and VM

    This is my last day on VM and the Elite (hopefully if UPS come on Monday with my Cricket Samsung Galaxy Discovery). Thank you community for making my Elite fun and interesting. Good luck with feature development! :)
  15. DMedina559

    An app I have to share!

    I found an app on the play store callled gravity screen(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.plexnor.gravityscreenofffree) that works great with the Elite (I'm using it on Slepnier). It uses the Proximity and Gravity Sensor to turn on and off the screen by motion or covering the...
  16. DMedina559

    Help Data issue fix?

    Hello. I just got an elite yesterday. I already rooted, flashed a custom recovery, and have my msl. I only have 1 question.... for right now, is there a way to fix the data issue? I would flash a rom but I can only download with my phone. And with the data issue it will fail to download.
  17. DMedina559

    Root Terrible signal/data

    So I recently switched back to my V from my Rise and now I have bad signal/data. When I was previously on my V I never had any problems. How do I fix this? For info I am on mirge. My prl is 1115. My baseband is ZV9. I switched online (which was hell. The froyo rom I put constantly rebooted...
  18. DMedina559

    I want your opinion.

    I might be switching phones on my birthday and wanted some opinions. Other then the OS downgrade is the Elite better then the Rise?
  19. DMedina559

    Changing fonts?

    Is it safe to change the default font with out the boot loop of death?
  20. DMedina559

    4.2 messaging app on rise?

    While I was trying a 4.2.2 ROM on my Optimus V I looked at the messaging app. It was better then the 4.0.4 messaging app IMO. So now I want it on the rise. Is there a way to put 4.2 massaging app on the rise? I tried pulling the apk from the ROM and install it to my rise but it force closed. So...
  21. DMedina559

    Root Could somebody upload an apk?

    Could somebody please upload or send me WAPPushManager.apk located in /system/app?
  22. DMedina559

    Root What would happen if I removed /system/xbin?

    What would happen if I delete /system/xbin? Would it send me in a boot loop? Is that the root folder?
  23. DMedina559

    Help HELP! Phone stuck in a boot loop.

    I was in es file manager thinking i was in /sdcard/system but I was actually in /system. i deleted /system/app (again i thought i was in /sdcard/system.) Now my phone is in boot loop. is there any way i can fix this?
  24. DMedina559

    Help Is there away?

    Is there anyway to get a rooted Kyocera Rise with: DSP Manager Google Now And Jellybean 4.2 keyboard Back to 100% stock? Not rooted. Like when you first take it out of the box?
  25. DMedina559

    Root Disabling boot animation audio

    This is how to did able the boot animation audio on the Kyocera Rise. Need: Root File Manager Instructions: 1. Grant SuperUser permission to what ever file manager that has a root option e.g. root browser 2. Got to /system/media/audio/boot 3. Delete the files in there. 4. Reboot