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    Manually upgrading firmware after failed OTA

    Hi guys, I am trying to upgrade the firmware on a recently adquired A20. OTA upgrade keeps failing on a specific patch, the one that goes right before the big Android 10 firmware update. Now, I downloaded manually the stock ROM, but Iam really hesitant about flashing it manually. My concern is...
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    Accesing rooted data from a broken-not rooted device

    So.....I guess this has a short answer, that is no. But anyways. I need to recover data from my broken screen Samsung. Somehow someone got to recover the information in a flash drive. But all the content Im looking that should be under data/data.... is nowhere... My point is, are those files...
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    Retrieving data from broken display phone. Black Screen

    Hello This is a common subject and I have already seen several solutions but none that adapt to me. My phone screen is totally dead, so I cannot see my way around. When I connect to a PC the device is shown but not the content even when unlocked. So, as far as I remember it is due to when...