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    Help Calling cards for LG125DL?

    Writing from D.C. Seeking a short list of calling cards that can contact cell phones as woll as land lines. Best prices sought
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    LG125DL Phone queries

    Writing to inquire... Have the LG125DL flip phone and seek guidance on finding an error log and the expected life span of the LG BL-49H1H. Also, Does there a newer version of this battery on the market either in or out of the brand. Guidance sought
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    Help LG125DL and the Apple 4 watch

    Writing to inquire... Was recently given the Apple 4 watch and have read from multiple sources that the watch can pair with other phones. Have the LG125DL and would ask is there "best of class" in seeking such guidance. Have TextFree on the flip phone and want to explore all of the features I...
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    Power Saving Query

    Have the "One Touch". Have lowered the display to dimmest but later find that it back to increased consumption. How does one make this permanent? Guidance sought...
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    WiFi configuration guidance

    Writing to inquire... Travel through a transportation hub where a number of retailers offer Wifi. Only one preference... How can one configure the Wifi settings so that the other services do not even appear as an option. Guidance sought.
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    Email attachment

    Alcatel OneTouch... Need to upload an audio recording to a Protonmail account. Guidance sought.
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    Snapshot Query

    Alcatel OneTouch... Images created with power button and down volume button... Where are they? .