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  1. KarmaHunter

    What app icon is this

    Until you mentioned it, I didn't realize that the majority of the "recognize this icon" questions are the ones with hearts... or some icon that resembles Tinder or dating apps :p Go figure.
  2. KarmaHunter

    Any Way to Save Google Authenticator Information to Local Device?

    As far as I know, codes are saved local. The cloud backup is in case you lose your local codes (hence cloud backup to restore them again). Click in your picture and "use without an account". < If you lose your codes, no way to retrieve them.
  3. KarmaHunter

    Googoo play services

    The world is for the people who DARE to do things. Go for it... don't think, DO! Clear everything... Even better, smash the phone with a big rock. Ultimate clearing app: the cinder block. Do we have a question? 2.3? Market? Gone. Frodo? Gollum? Is there a ring? Oh my Lord! I love making sense :)
  4. KarmaHunter

    Is it necessary to create a back up before replacing a battery

    Backup? Yes, always. Even for something as simple as replacing a battery: you can drop the phone while prying it open to replace the battery and it'll hit the floor hard, break the screen and when you stand up, you step on it and more damage done, and after you pick it up and start complaining...
  5. KarmaHunter

    Best password vault apps

    I have used for many years KeePass for PC to keep track of my important passwords and bank information. The database file (just one) is portable, can be moved across devices and it is very well protected. For accesing the same database file among several devices at the same time, allegedly it...
  6. KarmaHunter

    no option to remove pin lock screen?

    Have you tried under Passwords & Security? My Samsung has the normal Lock Screen setting but my Redmi Note has the mentioned before setting for PIN/Fingerprint/Pattern.
  7. KarmaHunter

    What was Your First Android Device?

    Come on, I can't be the only one that my first Android was a HTC Google G1 (HTC Dream) (the very first Android phone). Came with Android 1.6 (Donut) and rooted to install Froyo 2.2 (currently installed) :) But what it is more amazing is that I decided to get the second battery (I think they...
  8. KarmaHunter

    I see no post yet for the XA2 ULTRA

    Hi everybody. I don't see any post yet for the XA2 Ultra. My question: Anybody was able to RE-LOCK the bootloader without reinstalling the whole firmware? Thanks.
  9. KarmaHunter

    Help In-call volume way too low.

    Hi all. I got a Samsung Galaxy S4 with lollipop, and the ear-piece volume is too low. At night, when is very quiet, I can barely hear the other person talking. This affects Whatsapp calls and Facebook calls, as well. They can hear me just fine (mic is not a problem). I have it cranked up all...
  10. KarmaHunter

    Help LG Optimus F3 (MS659) stuck in LG logo.

    Hi all. So here's the story: I have a MetroPCS LG F3 factory unlocked. I moved to Mexico and I believe my phone got an update from the mexican company (Movistar) since I got a message to reboot my device to update the new features. And softbricked my phone... Here's so far what I have done to...