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  1. droidpcguru

    Root Dependable way to disable lockscreen?

    As the title says, is there any way/app to disable the lockscreen entirely? I've applied trailblazers aosp lockcreen mod, then Ciscogee's latest NBT port(love the ICS softkeys and the blue everywhere). None of the apps I usually use(Screen Lock Widget, No lock, or No Lock Screen) seem to work...
  2. droidpcguru

    Root How I fixed Market "Download Unsuccessful" :D

    There have been MANY threads here and elsewhere on this subject, but none with a solution that worked for me(and many others). I tried factory resets, clearing cache/data on various apps, all the common fixes..to no avail. Hopefully this thread will help someone, or even many. Now with this fix...
  3. droidpcguru

    Root Epic 2.5 + 928DroidBG = triple sms/mms?

    Hello all.. been awhile since I've posted..moved from D1 to D2.. and loving it :) I've been following all the root sections in the various forums, and following suit with the latest and greatest. My last adventure did not go so well. I .sbf'ed back to stock.. rerooted..and installed...
  4. droidpcguru

    Root Force gallery to load new photos?

    As the title states... Is there any way to force the Gallery app to load new photos? Half the time I take new pictures with the camera, I cannot view them in the Gallery for sometimes a day or two..even after a reboot.:confused: Is there any fix to this very annoying problem?:(
  5. droidpcguru

    Root Froyo(2.2) platform for SDK

    Now that the 2.2 platform is available for the SDK, what are the chances of implementing some of its features in custom ROMs? Is it possible that we could see some 2.2 goodness even before an official update?:p
  6. droidpcguru

    Root 720p video for Droid?

    As the title implies, are there any projects out there to bring 720p video to the Droid? I know it is possible as there are other 5MP smartphones out there that do 720p.. its just a matter of writing/porting an app to work with our particular camera. Seems the app could be written to deal with...
  7. droidpcguru

    Root Apps2sd in an ESE81 ROM?

    As the title suggests, is it possible to add/implement apps2sd into an ESE81 ROM? This is the only feature CM offers that I am really after... I understand of course the kernel also has to allow for this, which AFAIK the regular ESE81 kernels do not do as of yet.. If not, hopefully CM for Droid...
  8. droidpcguru

    Root "Clean up" Settings in CM-based ROMs?

    I'm sure there is no easy answer to this question.. but is there a way to remove the "HTC"-type settings in the CM-based ROMS(Koush/JRummy remix/ UD 10, etc.)? By these settings I mean the Trackball/Breathing light and similar. These ROMS would seem overall more Droid-oriented without these...
  9. droidpcguru

    Root New Blue Droid Battery Icon(Metamorph)!

    I made a custom blue Droid battery icon(based on Manigma77's "3Dbattery" icon). I just changed the color. It is part of my setup shown in this thread: http://androidforums.com/all-things-root-droid/47148-learning-experience-care-share-yours.html There has been enough interest in it that I...
  10. droidpcguru

    Root What are the true benefits of 2.1?

    Title says it all.. Since many of us have rooted, installed Roms and have just about every app/aspect of the new 2.1 OS, what will actually be better or even is better by running 2.1? I know flash support will be 2.1-based, but haven't really heard of anything else that many of us do not...
  11. droidpcguru

    Root A Learning Experience :)Care to share yours?

    Here goes.. please bear with me on this extremely long post:) It is my hope that this will not only entertain, but help others. Plus hopefully some of you may share your own experiences.:) I was one of those who browsed around, seeing what all the root hype was about, but never tried it until...
  12. droidpcguru

    Root How to change system font?

    I've been messing around with metamorph, and thank the members here for pointing me in the right direction to find the themes:) I am currently running the I.C.E. theme by tdawg. Everything applied correctly on top of Sholes 2.0.5, without messing up any performance tweaks. Only thing that did...
  13. droidpcguru

    Root Mixing Roms before flashing?

    Hello all:) I would like to see of there is a way to simply the process of getting my Droid the way I like it. I run Sholes' Roms, a custom boot animation, and the Milestone EQ mods. What I would like to know is of there is a way to change the files in the Sholes Rom(using my PC) BEFORE...
  14. droidpcguru

    Droid Bricked itself..un-Brick?

    Hi All:) I've been searching for about two hours, and not found the answer I'm looking for(Probably missed it in my frustration)... Today my Droid decided to reboot itself..and went directly to the Bootloader:( I've tried everything..Factory reset(Which seems to fail)..redoing the 2.0.1...
  15. droidpcguru

    The useless(But sometimes funny)app thread

    I've seen talk of some of the more "useless" apps for the iphone lately(Champagne bottles, bottle caps, farts, etc..), and thought maybe a thread on them here would be interesting, so here goes. Please list here any apps that you masy have that are basically useless functionality-wise, but are...
  16. droidpcguru

    Will ringtones show up in the music app?

    Here's a question that I haven't found an answer to.. so I hope it hasn't been answered. I have a bunch of custom ringtones, some mad in Ringdroid, some that I have had...all MP3. The ones I had are in a Ringtones folder on the SD card, those by Ringdroid..well I haven't checked yet. My...
  17. droidpcguru

    Vista Driver Problem- Unknown Device?

    Hello everyone:) I ran into the first problem with my Droid- and I am sure it is not the Droid itself:p I am running Vista32- I have Motorola Media Link installed. When I plug my Droid into the PC, I get a mass storage device that installs OK most of the time, and an "unknown device".. Even...