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    Root Turning off 2.3 update.

    I am giving my old Droid Incredible phones to my kids to essentially function as an iPod touch (use WiFi only, download game apps, play music, etc.). My kids are 8 and 6 so pretty much they want them to play games. I have done factory resets on both and they were never rooted. I want to turn...
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    Root Wifi tether not working after installing New Global ROM and Firmware.

    I just rerooted my phone with the new global rom and firmware update using Scotty's instructions. My wifi tether is not working anymore. I used to use the HTC stock mobile hotspot app without problems. Now it is coming up with a box telling me I need to call to subscribe. I downloaded...
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    Help Folder question

    I want to make a folder to keep my documents on one of my screen pages which is linked to the documents folder on my SD card. I can't figure out a way to do it with Astro file manager or with the program that creates the folders. Do I need another app?
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    Help Google Voice Question

    I tried to do a search to find the answer, but no luck. I am currently using Google Voice for getting e-mails of my voice messages. There are certain places that I work where I get absolutely no cell phone service, but have access to a desktop computer where I can read or listen to any...
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    Help Anyone using LauncherPro beta?

    I was wondering if this has any advantages over the stock screen setup and scrolling.
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    Voice Dialing - Vlingo rocks!

    This is by far the best app I have downloaded. The stock voice dialer absolutely sucked. It would work with a few of my contacts, but never seem to work with important contacts (like my wife). Vlingo has not missed any contacts yet. I also like that you only have to tap one button.
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    Accessories Seidio Innocase pics with DI on website

    Although it is still listed as coming soon, the Innocase now has a picture with the DI in it. Looks like they kept the contour of the case the same as the back as the DI (a good thing IMHO).
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    Blue tooth headset recommendation

    Looking for a nice wireless headset to wear when biking to listen to music. Something low profile to for fit under my helmet.
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    Help Astro file manager question

    New to Android and starting to work on file mgmt. I set up some subfolders on my SD card for pictures. I have been moving pictures from one folder to another, but I can only move one at a time. Is there a way to select multiple picture files and move them to another folder (like "Select All"...
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    Help Are the banking apps safe?

    I was thinking about using a banking app for my phone, but I am not sure how safe they are. I bank through PNC and was thinking using Android Banking (as far as I can tell PNC does not have there own app yet). I'm still not sure about using a third party app and having my identity stolen. I...
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    Help GMail App Question

    I don't know how many of you are using the GMail app. I downloaded the full version of "Documents to go" and created a Word document. I'm trying to e-mail it to someone, but I can't figure out how to send it with the Gmail app. When I select the menu and hit attach, it only gives me an option...
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    Help Using groups when composing mail with Gmail

    I use gmail for my personal email and I have this email account sent up with the Gmail program on this phone. My business email account is sent up through the regular email program on my phone. This way I can differentiate personal from business email on my home page. On thing I noticed is...
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    What is a good anti-virus/anti-spyware/anti-hacking into my DI app?

    Never mind, found answer on another thread. Seems that attacks are rare. Feel like a kid learning to ride a bike with all this Android stuff.
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    Apps that are a "need" for the DI

    I went to appbrain and also researched previous threads. Specific to the DI and since some people have had it for over a week now, are there any apps that are a definite need? I'm not talking about Pandora, Google Sky Maps, games, etc. I saw where people where going to get Astro File Manager...
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    Help Copying, cutting, and pasting text

    I wanted to know if there is some stock app on the DI that I'm missing or do I need to download an app to do this. I miss being able to copy or cut text and paste it on another text message or e-mail which I could do on my previous phone. If there is another app I need, please advise. Thanks
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    Accessories Phantom Skinz screen protectors to ship tomorrow

    Phantom skinz should ship tomorrow for those that ordered them (see e-mail below). Just got my phone today. It is still charging. We are hoping to have all of our pre orders shipped tomorrow. You will receive an email when your order has been shipped. Thank you for choosing PhantomSkinz!
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    What is the easiest way to get phone contacts off my Treo?

    My DI is arriving tomorrow. I use g-mail so it should be easy to get my g-mail contacts. My contacts on my Treo are not the same as my g-mail contacts. I do not want to waste a trip to the VZW store to have them do it for me. I have my Treo contacts synced with my PC. Is it easy to transfer...
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    Body glove question

    I really like the look of this case. I noticed that they have one on verizon's wireless website. Enter your location Is this the same type that they have listed for other HTC phones on Body Glove's website? They currently do not have one listed on the site for the Incredible, so I included a...
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    Visual Voice Mail??

    I pre-ordered late last night/early am. I did not sign up for Visual Voice Mail. It is only $2.99 per month. I wasn't sure if I'd need it or even use it. Does anyone have any experience with it? Thanks.
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    Verizon Incredible Pre-order Warning

    I called and spoke with two different CSR on the phone today as well as one the guys at our local Verizon corporate store. I am still undecided about whether to pre-order tomorrow to save myself from dealing with the mail-in rebate or buying it in store on 4/29. The first CSR I spoke with told...