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  1. skrapmetal

    Can get LTE working...

    I just sold a working Spirit to a coworker, we activated it and now I cannot get 4g, only 1x. I rebooted, removed battery, updated prl but no dice. Everything works but LTE, I'm running the samurai ROM. Any ideas on getting this working? Thanks.
  2. skrapmetal

    Ascending ring

    My ringtone ring starts out lower and raises, but I haven't found a setting to change it. Its really annoying if I'm at work due to the noise so I usually miss calls just by a split second. Any way to correct this?
  3. skrapmetal

    Sprint S4 to metro?

    Just bought an S4 for $50 :D Can this be activated with metro easily or will I need to find someone to flash it?
  4. skrapmetal

    Metro / T-Mobile

    I am just outside the coverage area with metro. If I go down the road I get 2 or more bars, and 4g. At home, no bars and 1x. Would switching to T-Mobile and a new phone improve this or is it a waste of time/money?
  5. skrapmetal

    Root Stuck in recovery

    I have TWRP installed. It boots there every time and will not do anything else. I have made a backup, system reset, then restored my backup but still cannot get past this recovery. I choose reboot system but it reboots into TWRP. Any fix for this?
  6. skrapmetal

    Root UOT notification background animation

    I've tried several times to get this working but I'm not having any luck. I upload systemUI, framework, and the lge file and once installed, it seems to just make the current background longer. What am I doing wrong?
  7. skrapmetal

    Root CRT screen on animation

    Is such a thing possible? Or maybe to change it to something different than what it is now?
  8. skrapmetal

    Root CM10 camera

    Is there a way to get a working camera from CM10 to Samurai? It force closes on me when I tried to open it.
  9. skrapmetal

    Root Prevent play store from updating

    I can't seem to keep my blackout version of the play store. Soon as I turn on WiFi, it updates again. So frustrating! I used to freeze MarketUpdater.apk but its not there. Anyone know how to fix this?
  10. skrapmetal

    Root ZVE to ZVD

    Is there any way to get back onto ZVD? The battery drain is HORRIBLE. I can go back to ZVB and deal with the random rebooting but thats not much of an improvement. Anyone have a solution for this yet? :confused:
  11. skrapmetal

    Root 4G Mobile Hotspot removal

    I'm tired of seeing this in my app drawer because I'll NEVER use it. I can't seem to find the name of it so I can get rid of it or freeze it. Anyone know where I can find it and if its safe to delete?
  12. skrapmetal

    Root Lock screen time / font

    Is there a way to add different clocks or to change the font or style of the existing ones? I don't want to add a lock screen app, I would rather modify the existing ones if possible.
  13. skrapmetal

    Root System color

    I'm getting tired of the teal blue clock color, I always liked plain ol white on my old phones, any idea on how to change this?
  14. skrapmetal


    Shortly after I got this message, I received another saying it was gone lol. Anyone tried the 4G data governor remover on the Spirit?
  15. skrapmetal

    Root Theming breaks notification?

    So I started creating a theme last night, upon testing I noticed I wasn't receiving popups on the screen from texts. They show up on the status bar, but they don't popup on the screen. The settings in messaging app has a check in the box for notification popup but it's not working. Does...
  16. skrapmetal

    Root Bootloader

    This may have been answered, perhaps I missed it. I assume the bootloader unlocker for the Optimus G doesn't work here, correct? How different are these 2 phones? I think I read someone on xda made that tool, whats it gonna take to get some love over this way? I guess this is a question /rant.
  17. skrapmetal

    Esteem to Spirit

    Been reading many reviews and I've decided to go with the Spirit vs. The S3. Hope I'm making the right choice! I have faith in the devs to find root and start putting ROM's out! I've never bought a phone that didn't have root found already, but again I have faith lol. How's it compare to the...
  18. skrapmetal

    Root Download apk's to PC

    My apologies if this has been posted before, I found this program last night, tested it out, loved it, and wanted to share! This is NOT to get paid apps for free, it's simply a tool to download apps to your computer for editing, etc. Comes in handy if you are theming or putting a rom together...
  19. skrapmetal

    Text email?

    Hey Esteem fam, I need to know how i can email text messages without having to screenshot them. Thanks!
  20. skrapmetal

    Number swap

    Is it possible to change my number over to another phone to test it out, then switch it back to my Esteem? Not just the number, i mean the meid and all that, if i were to do it myself? I have an old droid flashed to metro but i want to test the picture messaging and web before i sell it...
  21. skrapmetal

    Root Selling phone with CM7

    I'm selling one of my old Ascends with CM7 installed. I am pretty sure the buyer will take it to a Metro store to get it activated. Will a Metro store activate a rooted phone with a custom ROM ? I just don't want to have to buy it back for that reason. It works perfectly but I didn't know if...
  22. skrapmetal

    Root Low batt png

    Can someone please help me locate the png for the pop up notification that appears when theres 5% battery left? I don't know if it's in framework or in system ui. Thanks. :)
  23. skrapmetal

    Time is wrong

    As I've been asking a few people, seems as though Metro isn't the only network experiencing this time glitch, is it nationwide?
  24. skrapmetal

    Root End Call LAG

    Someone please refresh my memory, was there a fix for this? It takes a up to 5 seconds to end the call after pressing end. :(
  25. skrapmetal

    Root SD boost not sticking...

    Since I've moved nearly all my apps to my SD card, now when I reboot it takes a LONG time for my themed icons and apps to show up. I am using Rom Toolbox to boost SD speed but it always reverts back to 128 instead of staying at 1024 or 2048 even with checking the 'apply at boot' box. Any ideas?