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  1. davidmargolin

    Root TowelRoot

    Anyone try Geohot's towelroot? Should work on our phone.
  2. davidmargolin

    Root Get The Full AOSP Lockscreen

    this works for us: [MOD][Xposed] AOSP Lockscreen - xda-developers
  3. davidmargolin

    Photos taken with the reverb

    Took these photos at a zoo when I was on vacation in Russia... These are too good not to share... all taken with the galaxy reverb camera app - camera fv-5
  4. davidmargolin

    Root Google Edition Boot Animation

    How to get the google edition boot animation: 1. flash bootanimation4u.zip in cwm... 2. download googleanimation.zip and move it to system/media 3. rename the file to bootanimation.zip and set permissions to rw-r--r-- 4. reboot and enjoy bootanimation4u source...
  5. davidmargolin

    Root LTE

    I was playing with the build.prop today and noticed something cool... making the changes below allows for an extra option under the mobile networks menu in settings... the option is "lte/cdma" I'm not able to test the option since my city doesn't have sprint lte but would some1 in a service area...
  6. davidmargolin

    Root huawei camera

    just wanted to point out that this works for us... camera app isn't much better than stock but its something to play with... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2146428 to install just pull the app from the zip... push it to system/app change permissions to rw-r--r-- reboot
  7. davidmargolin

    Root ADB for 4.2.2

    just a zip for those of you who want to use the new adb for 4.2.2 without installing the entire sdk... just unzip and place it in a memorable directory... then just cd to the directory and use adb as you would normally.. remember that with the 4.2.2 security enhancements, you have to give...
  8. davidmargolin

    Root Update! Update! Read all about it!

    it seems like sprint will be pushing an ota to the evo 3d on feb 21 and chances are, we are getting the same at virgin mobile... ota includes minor fixes but its nice to see updates keep coming to our phone... update also includes a connection boost which is good news for every1... you can get...
  9. davidmargolin

    Root Shooter Proprietaries

    been looking everywhere for them but can't find them... need htc shooter proprietary vendor files....
  10. davidmargolin

    Ubuntu Unity = Unity Launcher

    just wanted to share a cool app i found... i know a few threads popped up when ubuntu launched and we all wanted a port of the new open os... one of the great features of ubuntu was the task switcher/app opener/ubuntu unity... developer 'Omkar Deshmukh' has a created a nice replacement... here...
  11. davidmargolin

    Root My Router Hates Me!!!

    i've had this prob ever since i got this phone but recently its been bothering me more than ever. Prob not an android problem but more of a router prob but i can't seem to find an answer anywhere so hoping someone here can help me out. here are the details: every time i flash an aosp/cm/etc...
  12. davidmargolin

    Root htc sms to aosp sms

    any way to get sms from the htc sms app to the cm/aosp/etc. sms app???
  13. davidmargolin

    Root my logcat meows :)

    phone died this afternoon and i kept rebooting it to get that last bit of battery for a phone call... didn't really work out and when i got home to charge it, phone would begin to boot but then froze at boot animation... prob my fault but i wanna see if i can fix this without having to go...
  14. davidmargolin

    Root Drama

    whats chad's prob this time?
  15. davidmargolin

    Root Dastin releases CM 10.1 (4.2.1)

    for those that dont check out xda http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2098121
  16. davidmargolin

    Root UbuntU Mobile Os Port Possible???

    ubuntu mobile os just came out and i just wanted to know if our phone can handle it and if making a port of it over from the available image for the nexus 4 is at all possible... would love to see this thing over on the 3d... source: Canonical announces its Ubuntu smartphone OS | Android Central
  17. davidmargolin

    Root [Solved] device wont complete boot!!!

    phone died today while on the road... when i plugged it back in, it charged fine... turned it on and it bootlooped... tried formating cache, dalvik... still wont boot... also if it helps, things during the boot animation are weird... usually the capacitive lights are off then a vibration...
  18. davidmargolin

    Root SMS/MMS System Locations

    i was using a sense based rom and it failed me and i was not smart enough to back up my sms/mms... luckily i do have a full 4ext backup done... backup wont boot but i do have access to system files... does any1 know what i need to transfer to get my sms/mms restored???
  19. davidmargolin

    touch screen gloves

    I go skiing alot and I need new gloves... Thought it would be a good idea to buy touch screen compatible ones... Anyone know a good brand of touch gloves???
  20. davidmargolin


    Been trying to get in on a beta code for a while but its just way too hard. Posted on google+ dozens of times but I guess I'm not creative enough... did you get in on the action?? how does the game play on our phone??? PS: If you have an activation code to spare, that would be nice too...
  21. davidmargolin


    (credit to cocheese101, krowley3, Brooksyx, and ramjet73 for the flashable zips) (credit to wolfu for the apn settings) (credit to lens_flare for the original apk) Before using: -Some roms already have mms fixes included in them so please check each roms respective page before flashing...
  22. davidmargolin

    Root Jellybean 4.2 cam port

    Just tested this and it works for us... editing photos in gallery force closes but other than that, things work really well and the cam looks real good... just move to system/app and permissions are rw-r--r--... also do not try to install, just reboot after setting permissions and everything...
  23. davidmargolin

    Root [ROM](wimax)[11/21/12][JB 4.1.2]ParanoidAndroid 2.99

    PER-APP-COLOR, Paranoidandroids newest invention. Define apps in your regular hybrid panel (same that allows you to scale apps individually and choose their interface). See your phone fade into the color definition of your current app, press home or go elsewhere and it fades back. Create as...
  24. davidmargolin

    Root paranoid android new

    was going through xda and just spotted this... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1950370 its paranoid android and it was released today... bugs include 4g and 3d...
  25. davidmargolin

    Republic Wireless BETA WAVE

    so i currently have a evo v 4g with virgin and about year ago i signed up for beta with republic wireless. My wave will be able to order next month. Is it worth it to trade $55 a month to $19 a month??? I will end up getting a service that hasn't been fully developed and the motorola defy xt...