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  1. Twinn

    AndyX ROM v2.4 - XWKL1 - 2.3.6 - Stable - Fast - Beautiful - Siyah 2.6.8+ - JKay

    Lads, just found it recently and decided to give it a go... :) anyone tried? Looks good... ★ AndyX ROM v2.4 - XWKL1 - 2.3.6 - Stable - Fast - Beautifull - Siyah 2.6.8+ - JKay ★ - xda-developers
  2. Twinn

    [ROM][2.3.6][XWKK5] UltraToxic Rom v8.0

    Has anyone tried this one? [ROM][2.3.6][XWKK5] UltraToxic Rom v8.0 - Lite'ning Themed - xda-developers
  3. Twinn

    Kies Air update

    There is update for Kies Air (2.0.109091 from 17/10) in Samsung market in case anyone would be interested ;)
  4. Twinn

    Samsung New(?) PC Studio. What You think?

    As in the topic. I`m not sure how many of You here are aware of this program but i just discovered it. It`s basicly nice looking and quite fast equivalent of Kies but not fully ready yet, probably could be used instead of Kies in future. At least at this moment I find it faster when moving files...
  5. Twinn

    Galaxy S 3 early spec...

    Found some info bout spec of GS3 on samfirmware.com Today a insider of Androidandme post some information about the SGS3 see here: I Personally found their talk of the Galaxy S III much more interesting. They didn’t have a working model of the phone, but they had pictures and slides...
  6. Twinn

    XWKH4 & JPKI1 are out!

    anyone tested them here ? thx in advance for any info! :) from XDA XWKH4 Android 2.3.4 This package has: PDA: XWKH4| Modem/phone: XXKH3| CSC: XEUKD1 Download: http://www.multiupload.com/WWT5Q0XJAP XWKH4 Stock Kernel: http://www.multiupload.com/0AO2C53ZC6 Password: intratech@XDA JPKI1...
  7. Twinn

    Case for extended battery

    Has anyone seen case for SGS2 with extended battery (in EU)? If yes, share please :) Thanks in advance!