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  1. Mr.Slave

    Has Phandroid sold out?!?

    I think so and have hoped that they would stop but the big Bing banners in ALL of the articles and popup ads showing up upon arrival are driving me away. I was here early and left for other reasons and am now leaving again but this time I really don't think I will be back. I watched this...
  2. Mr.Slave

    It's like musical threads!

    No wonder no one posts in here any more. No one can find their posts. This section has become a joke.
  3. Mr.Slave

    New Google Car Home

    I just saw this article on CNET about Google updating and making it an individual app. No news about this from anyone.
  4. Mr.Slave

    Help Different apps on froyo than eclair

    So I was thinking about the fact that Verizon changed the phone I purchased by adding apps with the froyo update. Can you deny the update to froyo? Not that I know of without getting the popup every half an hour. I purchased this phone outright when it came out and want to get a droid 2 and...
  5. Mr.Slave

    Official HTC Screen Calibration .apk

    Here is the G2's screen calibration .apk that HTC is distributing with the installed OS. HTCScreencalibration.apk download Works fine on my Inc SKyRaider3.0 RC3 but I imagine it will work fine on any rom.
  6. Mr.Slave

    Root Turn off LEDs (Home,mEnu,<-,search)

    Here is the market link to a ROOT ONLY app that you can turn off the LEDs at will. LEDs Hack (ROOT ONLY) by Daniel Velazco 10,000 downloads, 422 ratings (4.3 avg) Free
  7. Mr.Slave

    Google Voice Widget

    I just wanted to finally show some interest in a Google Voice widget and or a new GV SMS app. If it is possible. I really wish that we could have a widget on our home screen that could live update with newest messages and reply options. If anyone knows if this is possible or if it has been...
  8. Mr.Slave

    Root Cyanogenmod 5.0.8test1 running on Inc.

    I downloaded the rom last night about 2am and just woke up to install. It is running fairly well with a few issues no BT and such. This is not a daily driver rom but experimental for now hence the test1. But I can say that it does feel nice to get back to an OS that I know and love! Thanks...
  9. Mr.Slave

    Got hairline scratches on screen

    Well my f'ing Honda key did it again! It got my Eris and now my Incredible. God I am so careful not to put anything in the same pocket as my phone but the one time I was out in board shorts and had to put them in there together sssssssccccccccccrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecccccccccchhhhhhhhhh...
  10. Mr.Slave

    (How to) get a web page from computer to phone.

    This is the fastest way that I know of right now to get a web page displaying on your PC in a browser to your phone. You will need the following applications; Either Google Chrome and QR-tag extension generator(for Chrome), or Firefox and QR-tag extension generator(for Firefox) , and this one...
  11. Mr.Slave

    How do you react when....

    Everyone asks how you like your iPhone? I am actually glad that it gets mistaken for an iPhone because it gives me a chance to tell people about the advantages of Android over the iPhone OS.
  12. Mr.Slave

    BT hands free voice dialer app

    Here is the problem solver for all of you handsfree people. Voice Dialer HF v1.2.1-1 Application for Android | Tools I haven't tried it but please report back how well it works.
  13. Mr.Slave

    Help Media Sync Software (not iTunes)

    Wasn't sure how many people have heard of or used MediaMonkey Free Media Jukebox, Music Manager, CD Ripper & Converter It works great for me and my needs. Disclaimer: Your needs may be different so don't scream about things it doesn't do because IDGAF!
  14. Mr.Slave

    Just returned my Incredible....

    And they gave me a new one no questions asked! WooHoo Best Buy!
  15. Mr.Slave

    Who's it gonna be?

    I wonder what developer is going to really create something new for this phone? I am not talking about theming or little tweaks once we gain root but who will turn this phone out and optimize Android for this phone. Koush stepped up with the Droid but it didn't have a skin on it like Sense so...
  16. Mr.Slave

    Accessories BestBuy and 2gig SDcard

    Does anyone have a solid answer to weather or not we are getting the card with purchase on Thursday? I asked Verizon and they said they don't know and I would have to ask BB. Curious to see if anyone else has asked. I will let you know what my BB says when I get to call them later this afternoon.
  17. Mr.Slave

    My Eris is out for blood

    I simply stated that I wished it was a candy bar and two people almost got banned! This is one bad ass phone.
  18. Mr.Slave

    I wish the Droid Eris was a......

    candy bar. That way I would have actually like it.
  19. Mr.Slave

    How To Help with ChevyNo1 Facebook.zip

    I need a refresher on how to install the facebook.zip that chevyno1 offers next to the 2.2 release. I have adb and everything setup but can't for the life of me remember how to either turn it into a .apk file or push through adb. Thank you for the help!
  20. Mr.Slave

    Help SDCard screwing with me?

    I am having a serious problem wit my SD Card that I can't rule anything out. I can mount my card and I can see the contents of my card in windows but the second i try to copy anything it unmounts. It will partially write but instantly unmount once started. I can access my card from Astro and...
  21. Mr.Slave

    Having signal problems?

    Here are the signal icon descriptions. http://search.vzw.com/?do=viewdoc&id=16455 Here is a link that might help alot of people with other VZW phones. This will not work with the Eris. Sorry http://www.vzam.net/download/supported.aspx Below are the instructions.
  22. Mr.Slave

    My Contacts VS. All Contacts Sync

    I think this is the answer many of us are looking for to only have My Contacts Sync not all contacts. Go to People->Menu->View->uncheck "Show auto Gmail Contacts" and "Google" So you should only have Only contacts with phone #'s and Phones if you want. Also here is a link to the Google...
  23. Mr.Slave

    2.1 and Lunch

    Anyone had/have both yet?
  24. Mr.Slave

    built in task killer 2.1

    If you press +->shortcut->settings->running services, you will get a shortcut to be able to kill any app running in android. This is factory not a ad on. OTD this one for you, kind of a special shout out^. I don't use it but I thought I would show all the killers out there how to do it right!
  25. Mr.Slave

    RUUMR2 downgrade not possible

    You cannot downgrade to 1.5 using the MR2 RUU from personal communications. Wrong Bootloader.