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  1. tylerdurdin

    Root Cognition 3.01 finally an official Froyo build.

    DG is the man. I can not believe how nice this Rom runs. EVERYTHING perfect. My Gps locked inside my house with no wifi assistance in like 4 seconds. I do believe the Rom is smooth due to the lag fix because it is very similar in speed to 238. To be honest I think I may have flashed my last Rom...
  2. tylerdurdin

    New Phandroid app update is kick @ss!

    Yeah I know we dont need a new thread for this :p but I just wanted to make it MORE known about the update and any noobs who do not have it yet to get it and donate as I myself am going to do also. The new app ( and thats what it is really because it blows the old one away) is sweet, organized...