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  1. AlinTecsan

    Lenovo a6020a40 red light and not turn on at all

    Hi i got new phones for my collection as you see in my previous threat Lenovo acts weird i try to turn on recovery by power button and volume and apperar a penguin linux icon and shut down by itself and i tried to know what to do because i wipe data from fastboot because recovery didnt work...
  2. AlinTecsan

    Help LG G2 Mini Sometimes charging / does not let me to boot (always fastboot)

    Hi android forum members , i get an LG for my collection of androids but this device does not behave good and every time when booting LG Logo showing but after a while it have FASTBOOT int usb init and then fastboot command reboot doesn't help i tried all commands . When plug in a charger...
  3. AlinTecsan

    My Android Collection

    Hi , in this sector i will show my showcase of all devices in my collection.When new device apperars in my collection maybe sometimes i bump the forum So here is phones and tablets then other devices : Android Collection 2021 April by AlinTecsan posted May 4, 2021 at 5:31 PM I have the following...
  4. AlinTecsan

    Samsung Trend Lite GT-S7392 Isn't charging and boot

    Hi , another android from my collection refuse to charge on power bank or either a electric plug. It didn't work i wait for one Hour and is still stuck at a Charging With a waiting Circle in the whole battery if was charging it show percent in green and a few dots like . . . . . and charging...
  5. AlinTecsan

    Rooting my Lollipop Core Prime 5.0.2 safe method?

    Hi i have an Core Prime in my collection as i received. The problem is i want to root so here is my model below SM-G360F Another thing is i want to root without to brick him so maybe i think is not possible to root for 5.0.2
  6. AlinTecsan

    Is there a way to Install LineageOS nougat?

    Hi i want to know if i can install the LineageOS and the gapps on the tablet.I have the required files the TWRP , LineageOS 14.1 and the Gapps so how i install them so i need to backup the os then wipe the partitions
  7. AlinTecsan

    Samsung Galaxy A6 SM-A600FN Bootloop stuck on samsung logo

    Hi sorry if i post incorrect so i am newbie here to post an problem with my own phone I wanted to boot my phone so is spontaneous booting into twrp "Openrecoveryscript" and after i hit the reboot system it cannot boot I tried all methods : Wipe Data . Factory Reset and all wipe formats.I try not...