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  1. finndo77

    Bye Bye Spectrum

    It has eaten three Sim cards since I started using CM versions (starting with tdm's beta cm10) my local Verizon store manager got tired of seeing me and offered me a Droid RAZR HD to go away :) so I took it. Coming in the mail tomorrow or Saturday. No contract extension, but I have to ship the...
  2. finndo77

    Questions about a Verizon LTE mifi and my Spectrum LTE SIM

    Anyone know if I can put my LTE SIM from my Spectrum into a Verizon MiFi and have 4G on the mifi? Do I need to add the MiFi on to my account (I have an old plan, not the new ones, so I really don't want to pay another plan fee for it, I checked Verizon's website and to switch to the new plans...
  3. finndo77

    Help Reboot issues and hardware version?

    I know we have discussed build quality issues, but I was wondering if some of the problems were hardware version related. Pulling the battery shows the hardware version. Mine shows H/W REV : 1.2
  4. finndo77

    Root updated safe to remove/freeze list available

    Ok, I just finished spending 4 hours updating my (not) safe to remove list for the LG Spectrum. hoping someone will find it useful after the time I've spent on it. I do intend on adding non-apk removal information to the page sooner or later... considering how long it took me to update the...
  5. finndo77

    anyone thinking of ditching the Spectrum for an Optimus G?

    this is what I was expecting for next year, although the display resolution is still a touch lower than I expected next year. It also has the new display tech that Apple has for "possible use in the iPhone 5" that eliminates the "air gap" between the display layers. Things I'd like to see...
  6. finndo77

    Root any Rom devs removing Nextreaming?

    I asked about NexTreaming previously, but got no replies... http://androidforums.com/spectrum-all-things-root/558875-nextreaming.html anyone try stripping this out of their Rom while testing? it is responsible for a large amount of used space in the V6 stock Rom (and all based on it), as...
  7. finndo77

    Root Wi-Fi offloading service

    Anyone know what we might be able to change to eliminate this from ever activating? I have my setting to not use the auto Wi-Fi, and I still get pop-up messages that Wi-Fi had been turned on, turn it off, always turn it on, and whatever the other choice is. As I previously mentioned, I think...
  8. finndo77

    Root Random Reboot causes

    I want to start a thread (so I did, as you can obviously see at this point) so we can log possible and confirmed causes for random reboots. I think there are multiple issues at hand, it happens in all LG stock base Rom builds, and obviously is caused by multiple problems, some of which have...
  9. finndo77

    Root Nextreaming?

    I've been curious about this as there are a lot of files in the spectrum ROM with this in the name. I did a little digging online and it appears the company developed an Android video editor specific to snapdragon processors, they're video player code is included in the HBO Go app also...
  10. finndo77

    Verizon privacy notice

    Not sure if everyone received (or read) the privacy notice Verizon mailed out this past week; however done of the listed items look to not be so good for those who root or tether without permission. (it says not including users in Arizona) You have thirty days to reply either online at...
  11. finndo77

    Root LG Spectrum File Mirror

    Ok, I've asked permission from most people and most have not argued... I have supplied a mirror location hosted at my website (advertising free, with direct links) for nearly all of the LG Spectrum files that have been posted on Android Forums. In addition, I have provided a large number of...
  12. finndo77

    Root Rooted Nooks died within 4 hours of each other.

    Last night (between 10pm and 2am) I was playing a crappy free app of the day on my rooted nook tablet, and it froze, then the screen turned off and my nook would not turn back on. Nothing worked, held the power button down fit 2 minutes, twice... Pushed the hone button, nothing. I gave up and...
  13. finndo77

    Help Wifi issues

    Any one having notification bar icon problems with wifi? I just took my spectrum over to the router and touched it to the router antennas and still only showed 2 bars. Not too concerned, just curious. I do also have ping issues. (I know that speed test dot net is not a valid measure of...
  14. finndo77

    $19.99 at Newegg - 3/16/2012

    just picked one up from newegg about 10 minutes ago... attached partial screenshot of the page. I know this is related to the amazon thread, but with the lower price I thought it deserved it's own listing.
  15. finndo77

    OTA update

    Anyone know if this can break the root method? Or anything else included other than what is in the PDF? Here is a link to the pdf file on Verizon's website detailing the update. http://m-support.verizonwireless.com/pdf/system_update/lg_spectrum.pdf The only thing it says is "Netflix playback...
  16. finndo77

    Root stock ROM request

    I agree with most if the others in this forum, that we nay not see a lot of ROM developers doing work on the LG Spectrum; however it would be really nice if someone can just do a dump of the sick ROM, since we have root and CWM already. I might be returning mine Wednesday after I receive new...
  17. finndo77

    Accessories seidio 3500mAh Evo battery - SHIPPING JULY 6th 2010

    I just preordered mine!! Innocell 3500mAh Extended Life Battery For use with HTC EVO 4G I picked cheap shipping though (USPS $2 cheaper than express saver), have a limited amount to spend on it... Will post everything from unboxing picks to charging info and usage ASAP! (after it...
  18. finndo77

    Help Evo "reloads" desktop everytime it returns to the home screen

    This issue just started this afternoon, I have powered my Evo off for more than 5 minutes and then back on, but it is still happening. How to cause the issue: After launching ANYTHING that takes you away from your home screen (ANYTHING= any app, settings page, marketplace, email, games...