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    Help S8+ Screen staying on while in pocket

    I use my phone for a work phone and take calls all day. I use a Plantronics 5200 series headset and when I answer the phone from the headset the phone screen stays on while in my pocket, it's even upside down. The problem with this is if I go to remove the phone from my pocket to see who the...
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    No text notifications

    I've gone through every setting there is in both the basic phone settings and in Handcent and they are all turned on, yet I get no LED notifications when I get a text, only the sound notifications. I even get the custom sound ones I assigned to certain contacts. Took the phone to a Verizon store...
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    Launcher Pro Facebook widget

    I've been running the Facebook widget from LPP and it stopped updating last week. I've rebooted the phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the widget, no luck. Any thoughts?
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    Task Manager

    I have a Task Manager program and when I open it up to see what's running and what Apps I want to kill I see these listed: Alarm & Timer (Never used) Amazon MP3 (Never used) AppBrain City ID Contacts Dialer Digital Clock Widget Dolphin Browser Ebay (icon on desktop but rarely used) Facebook...
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    Help Bluetooth question about Ringtones

    I had a Samsung Blackjack II and when I had a call come in the custom ringtone would ring in my ear. At first with my iPhone it didn't do this, you just heard the stand notification. After the 4.0 upgrade they changed that. With my X I just get the standard notification ringing in my ear. Is...
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    Help Ringdroid

    I've been using Ringdroid since I got this phone to make ringtones. Everything works great except when I have the phone charging from my Mac as i had it in USB Storage mode. When I do this the SD card isn't available and all the custom ringtones that I have are now no longer available. So any...
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    I have a ymail account so I installed the Yahoo Mail app. Love the way it looks and works for the most part. However if I send an email to someone and they reply back to me I can see the first two lines of it when I check out the email list as it shows the first two preview lines. However, when...
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    System Seven

    I am fed up with the garbage email program on my Droid X. I could live with it "IF" all the email accounts were in the same folder. I have 6 email accounts I check every day. What I get are the two Gmail accounts in the GMAIL folder and the other 4, one yahoo, one ymail, and two roadrunner...
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    Help SD card not installed

    I've tried to save some data to my phone and it says that the SD card is not installed. I've verified it's there. Is there a setting that I might have to tweak to let the phone know it's there? Or is there a chance the cards bad? Thanks
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    Voice and Data at once...

    I know that I can surf the net and talk on the phone just fine with AT&T on my iphone. But I'm sick of the iphone and I'm wanting to go Android. I've considered the Captivate and it looks like a great option. I also like the Droid X. I live in central Florida and I've noticed more and more...
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    Captivate or Droid X

    Been doing a lot of research and I like both phones. My contract with AT&T is about up and I'm not thrilled with AT&T but it's not to bad in central Florida. My big question is just how big a difference is there with the Skin on the two of them? I've held the X in my hand but not the Captivate...