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  1. partridge


    Apparently, Android 5 is imminent for the Z series, starting with the Z3 handset. No sign of it yet on mine though.
  2. partridge

    camera questions

    Currently stuck between going for the Xperia Z (very expensive) and the Nexus 4. The sticking point for me is that every review I've read about the N4 says the camera isn't great and lets the phone down a little. So, as owners, what do you think of the camera? Could someone post some real...
  3. partridge

    official dock announced

    So, the official Asus nexus 7 dock has been announced.
  4. partridge

    music cover art

    We don't yet have the music store in the UK, so I'm putting music onto my Nexus by copying it over. But the cover art won't show. Usually if you create folders for each song or album and add the jpg to that folder it will display it in the music app; this works on my HTC phone and...
  5. partridge

    Any TF101 owners changed to Nexus7?

    I'm wondering if I should sell my Transformer and get one of Googles tablets. Have any other TF101 users done this and have you missed anything about it? I have the keyboard and the main thing I think I'd miss are the USB and SD card sockets as well as the extended battery. I also find the...
  6. partridge


    Are we 101 users still on track to get jellybean at some point? I'm in two minds about trying to sell mine and pick up a newer tablet (Nexus 7 probably),but if it's going to land on my 101 then I might as well hold off for a bit longer.
  7. partridge

    Help securityfix.apk

    Yesterday my notification bar informed me an automatic update had downloaded. I tapped to see what it was and it was a file called securityfix.apk. I had no idea what it was but it wasn't allowed to install because it hadn't come from the play store. I deleted it and looked online. Turns out...
  8. partridge

    Root [CDMA] quick Root question

    Would rooting my Evo 3D allow me to delete the preinstalled HTC apps, then return (unroot?) to HTC Sense? I'm happy with Sense, but I would like to remove the apps they put on the device. I know ICS will allow me to disable, but I'd like to kick them out for good! Thanks
  9. partridge

    Help HTC Calendar widget not updating during the day.

    On my HTC Desire, the HTC calendar widget (agenda view) always moved through the day so any events that had happened moved off the top of the view. The same widget on the EVO 3D doesn't do this, in fact occasionally it hasn't changed the day. Anyone else encountered this, is there a fix? I've...
  10. partridge

    HTC music app

    I copied a load of music onto my shiny new Evo 3D and was pleased to see an option that allowed me to update the cover art. But... It's a shame it doesn't work too well; some of my tracks (on the same album) don't have the cover art applied and now appear separately in my list of music, so...
  11. partridge

    confirmed for UK O2 and 3

    but hopefully it will also be available to buy SIM free, which is what I want. Please don't give it a stupid price Sony...
  12. partridge

    UK Amazon Black Friday Micro SD

    Yesterday I picked up a class 10 32Gb Lexar Micro SD card for
  13. partridge

    UK market now rents films

    For those Transformer users in the UK, visit the Market and you'll see a films tab, you can rent films in SD or HD (
  14. partridge

    Films on (UK) market, is this new?!

    I visited the Market on my phone and Films is now a category!!
  15. partridge

    keyboard battery and tablet

    Does anyone know how the batteries are prioritised when the tablet is docked? By that I mean, does the keyboard battery take over when docked in order to save the tablet battery for when it's detached. Or, does the keyboard charge the tablet, keeping it topped up while docked? Just curious...
  16. partridge

    video formats supported

    Can anyone point me to to a site that lists the formats supported by the Transformer, or can someone tell me what is the best format to use. I tend to use Handbrake to convert video from one format to another. Many thanks!
  17. partridge

    photo uploading

    There is an excellent chance I'll be buying one of these on the way home, but before I commit can I check something. Although there is (still) no Picasa app for Android, can you upload a photo to a google web album? Either through the actual website or via honeycomb? I regularly upload...
  18. partridge

    Evo 3D coming the UK: official

    HTC Evo 3D unveiled for UK | News | TechRadar UK I'm surprised they appear to keeping the name though, usually the EU gets a snappier one word phone name. I was under the impression it might be the HTC Rider, but perhaps HTC are seeing the benefit of a single global name for it's phones...
  19. partridge

    Archos G9

    ARCHOS WOW at the specs and WOW at the price! I hope reviews prove this to be as good as it looks, because this looks like an amazing deal although they do talk of an optional pack of codecs, any Archos users come across this before? How much? Looking forward to more news on this, I've been...
  20. partridge

    voice search on Desire

    I don't use it much, but I watched the video associated with it where the guy explains all the stuff you can do with Voice Search and it sounded great. But I can't get any of these things to work apart from "call... name" Every other voice tag (send text to, send email to, navigate to, listen...
  21. partridge

    Is it really worth upgrading?

    I've had my Desire for about a year now and in a few months more I can upgrade. But looking at what's around at the moment it suddenly struck me that it's actually just more of the same. Yeah the specs have improved, but ultimately what am I going to do that's different? Nothing. I'll read...
  22. partridge

    Help Sensation video capture format

    I'm interested to know what format video is captured in on the Sensation. On my Desire it's 3gp which isn't very useful for moving videos onto a PS3 (for instance). I wondered if the Sensation also used 3gp or something more standard like mpg? Thanks
  23. partridge

    HTC Rider, rumoured specs

    From GSM Arena website; rumoured specs for the Rider HTC Rider - Full phone specifications Although this is widely believed to be the European Evo 3D, note that it is listed as having an 8mp camera. Of course these are rumoured specs and that could be a typo as the Evo 3D has a 5mp camera
  24. partridge

    Pyramid/Sensation spec list

    From GSM Arena, here are the known specs HTC Sensation - Full phone specifications
  25. partridge

    HTC Sensation

    A source has informed Pocket Lint website that the real name of the Pyramid will be the HTC Sensation We'll find out on 12th hopefully HTC Pyramid - facts and rumours - Pocket-lint