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  1. JaeWeb

    HELP!!! Updated my S4 to 4.4.4, Can No Longer Hide Apps!!!!

    Is it just me?? I updated my Galaxy S4 (T-Mobile) from 4.4.2 to 4.4.4. I used to have all the bloatware and other apps I didn't use hidden! Since the update, that option is no longer available! PORQUE?!?!?!?! I don't like having 6 pages of apps to sift through just to find the ones I use! It's...
  2. JaeWeb

    Messaging Malfunctions

    Hi guys! I am having an issue with messaging. I'll be texting and so on, have 4 or 5 different conversations going on and I'll recieve a new text notification. So i click on my messaging icon (I am using stock Android messaging) and all my conversations are gone. All I see is the background...
  3. JaeWeb

    Keyboard Malfunctions?

    I've had this phone for over a month now and the past 2 weeks I've noticed that after having rebooted, a few hours later, the keyboard will malfunction. I'll go to type in a text using the keyboard and most of the keyboard is unresponsive but! I'll hit the H button and it will open the Messaging...
  4. JaeWeb

    I love it!!!!!!

    Soooo.... I had not planned on buying it today or in the near future at all because i wanted to save for it. But I dropped my roomie off at work and didn't want to go right home. So I walked over to the T-Mobile store and started drooling over it! I fell in love and had to have it! So, I bought...
  5. JaeWeb

    Post your home screen!!!!

    Since we don't have a screen shot thread for the Blaze, I thought I'd start one myself. :) I only use one homescreen. I have a weather widget and a scrollable dock which has my most frequented apps. That's all I need. *For those not in the know, you can take a screen shot with...
  6. JaeWeb

    Is It Just Me Or...

    Am I the only one whose phone gets really hot?? I haven't even had this phone for a week yet and I do some moderate texting and I've noticed it gets really warm! Very light call usage and rarely on the web, but when I'm texting, it gets really warm. i may have to take it back and switch it out...
  7. JaeWeb

    Help Screen Capture?

    Hi! So one thing I really enjoy about my Exhibit II is that you just hit the home and power buttons at the same time and click! Screen shot!! Does anyone know if the Blaze also has screen capture? Or does it require rooting and downloading an app? Thanks!! :D
  8. JaeWeb

    Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G

    Since there is no thread on the forum on this phone yet, I wanted to ask if any of you have it and what you like and do not like about it. I'm drooling over it. The Sensation, One S, GS2 are all too big for me, a 4" screen is the perfect size for me. :) Just looking for feedback :) Thanks...
  9. JaeWeb

    3 phones for sale!!! :)

    I have 3 cell phones for sale! All owned by me but want to upgrade to a better phone :D First phone is the LG Optimus V for Virgin Mobile. Perfect working condition. Does have one scratch on back of phone. No scratches on screen. Already has screen protector on it and comes with original box...
  10. JaeWeb

    Samsung Exhibit II 4G

    Who here has it? Do you like it? I don't see this phone listed on the forums yet so I wanted to ask here. Moderator, add this phone to the list and move this thread there? I'm thinking about buying it in the next couple of weekssince its on sale @ Walmart for $199 :D
  11. JaeWeb

    2.3 Gingerbread Update?

    Does anyone know if the Gravity Smart will recieve the Gingerbread update? Just curious. Thanks all :)
  12. JaeWeb

    Loving This Phone!!!!

    I am very happy with my little Dart! I have had a high end phone such as the Fascinate and Captivate. But having both those seemed to be too much for me. I used to use all the widgets but found I didn't need all the bells and whistles. So I've downgraded to the Dart (also own the Gravity Smart)...
  13. JaeWeb

    No Live Wallpaper?

    Had this phone for 2 weeks and am just now noticing that. Hmm, weird. I wonder why....
  14. JaeWeb

    Post your homescreens!!! :d

    I would love to see what everyone's home screen looks like! Here's mine! Nothing spectacular.... but I changed it almost everyday :) ">
  15. JaeWeb

    Screen shots WITHOUT ROOTING!!!!!

    I made an AWESOME discovery today!!! Someone posted on Facebook that they downloaded an app called ShootMe on the Android market and it worked on her NOT ROOTED LG Optimus C!!! So I downloaded it and tried it and it DOES work!!!!!! I don't know if this is specific to the LG Optimus line but i...
  16. JaeWeb

    Windows Vista Launcher??

    So I had a Blackberry once and I had a really cool Windows Vista theme that did a really good mimic of an actual functioning Vista desktop! Bottom dock bar, Start button brought up a menu screen that you could list apps in. A "computer" icon that took you to your app list. Dock bar could hold a...
  17. JaeWeb

    New Home Launchers???

    So, I have Zeam, Launcher Pro +, SLideScreen, SparkBETA & Zune Home launchers. I love Zeam and Launcher Pro +, but they are extremely similar to the stock home. I have no need for multiple screens and love having just one. SlideScreen is awesome but it crashes wayy too much. Zune Home is more of...
  18. JaeWeb

    Help Is It Just Me???

    Or are there others who have a problem keeping the charger in the phone when its charging?? Mine is always sliding out and onto the floor. I usually charge my phone when i go to bed and I'll wake up and the cord is on the floor and my phone only charged 8%. A lot of the time I'll plug it in to...
  19. JaeWeb

    Guten Abent!!! :)

    Hiya! Ok I've been on the forums for a couple of weeks now but have not formally introduced myself. My name is Jae, I am goofy goober and own a Motorola Cliq. I live in North Phoenix AZ and am a tribal fusion belly dancer. I work as a cashier at a majour hotel. I hope to some day own a Samsung...
  20. JaeWeb

    Zeam Home Replacement

    So I've had it on my phone for awhile and I loved it!! I had to do a master reset and when I went to download it from the Market, it was gone! I can't find it anywhere!! I keep coming up with no results!! I'm super sad because I loved it. Anyone else have this issue or is it just me...
  21. JaeWeb

    2.2 on Moto Cliq??

    Hey guys! New user here from Phoenix :) I've been browsing the forum and have not found any info on the subject, so I apologize in advance if this has been brought up before. I have the Motorola Cliq (T-Mobile - USA) and am running on Android 1.5. There is so much I cannot download because...