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  1. J

    Cases Clear case with dark border/surround

    Hello, I am looking for a clear case with a black or dark surround for my S20. I like the Otterbox Symmetry case because it has a hard back and good protection but the border/surround is clear TPU which is already turning yellow. Most of the other clear cases I have found are either entirely...
  2. J

    Help Kernel (Android OS) draining battery by keeping phone awake for long periods

    Over the last month or so my battery has been draining at a very high pace. It used to drain at about 1-2% per hour when the phone was not in use. I have GSam and Better Battery Stats and have been doing some investigating but I can't seem to nail down the cause. It seems that the phone is...
  3. J

    Help Strange stock lock screen behaviour after Jelly Bean update

    Hi, I have a Rogers Galaxy S3 and updated to Jelly Bean on the weekend. I have been using Nova Launcher and Widget Locker with no issues since I got my Galaxy S3 a few months back. However, now I notice that either the stock wallpaper or stock lock screen flash on the display for a brief moment...
  4. J

    Help System (sdcard) and Media processed draining battery and consuming a lot of CPU

    This happens to me at least once per day. I feel the phone getting very hot near the bottom. Almost too hot to hold and it's in a case! I turn the phone on and it shows that my battery has drained like 13% in 40 minutes when the phone was supposed to be sleeping. When I look in GSam Battery...
  5. J

    Help Google Maps update not available on Rogers SGH-i747m

    Hi, I have an SGH-i747m stock on Rogers in Canada and I don't see any of the recent updates to Google Maps. I know my area supports them as I can see the 45 degree view when I use the web application but when I use the maps app it's not even available as a layer to select. I thought maybe I...
  6. J

    Help Setting attendance to "Yes" for Google Calendar events doesn't work

    This has annoyed me to no end. Acknowledging event invitations from Google calendar emails doesn't seem to work. I get an email for an event and touch the "Yes" in the "Going?" section. Then it launches S Planner and shows the event, and shows "Yes" under "Attending?" but below that it shows...
  7. J

    Help S Voice listens at lock screen when set only when charging

    I have set S Voice to only listen for the wake up command at the lock screen when charging (see first screenshot). Yet in the second screenshot you can see the microphone at the bottom of the lock screen showing it's listening for the wake up command and you can see that the battery is not...
  8. J

    Is there a TPU case with covered buttons and small cutouts?

    Hi, I'm still looking for the perfect Galaxy S3 case for me and am wondering if perhaps the forum can help. I'm looking for the following: Thin, TPU case (not hard, not silicone soft, not bulky) Covered buttons (not cut-outs) Slight raised lip on the front (to keep the screen off the...
  9. J

    Help S Voice doesn't work via Bluetooth

    I have a Jabra Cruiser2 bluetooth hands free unit in my car. It connects and pairs with my Galaxy S3 and I can call someone and talk to them using it. However, S Voice doesn't work with it. When I press the microphone on S Voice to say a command the audio wave thing doesn't move and then...
  10. J

    Help How to connect to DLNA TV? (Panasonic TC-P50S30)

    I have a Panasonic TCP50S30 plasma TV which supports DLNA and is connected to my home network via wired ethernet. On the Panasonic I can use it's DLNA browser to browse content on my PlayStation3 and Computer. Shouldn't I be able to send videos and photos to the TV from my Galaxy S3? When I...
  11. J

    Weather app with push notifications for Canada

    Are there any weather applications that provide push notifications for severe weather in Canada? In addition, it would be good if it had the following: Hourly forecast Nice widget that's customizable A forecast that's somewhat reliable Forecasts for more than one location Widget that shows...
  12. J

    Help Device storage use inaccurate?

    Hi, Has anyone else noticed that the device memory use seems to be inaccurate? (Settings -> Storage) Here is what mine currently shows under device storage: Total Space 12.05 GB Apps 1.48 GB Pictures, videos 334 MB Audio (music, ringtones, podcasts) 220...
  13. J

    Help How to merge contact info from other accounts in to the "Me" contact?

    When I open the Contacts app on the Galaxy S3 I'm listed at the very top under "ME". When I look at that contact it shows my Google Profile info as well as a connection to Google+. However, further down under "J" there is another contact called "jaydee77ca" from Last.Fm which is my Last.Fm...
  14. J

    Help LED notification light staying red when screen off

    Starting last night my LED notification light stays on when the screen is off. When the screen is off it's a solid red. When I press the power button and turn the screen on it shuts off. If I unlock the phone there are no notifications in the status bar for email or SMS or applications or...
  15. J

    Help Won't auto-connect to my Bluetooth handsfree unit (Jabra Cruiser2)

    I have a Jabra Cruiser2 bluetooth handsfree unit in my car. It worked great with my Galaxy S. It works with my Galaxy S3 but with one issue: it won't auto-connect. I went through the whole pairing exercise and the Galaxy S3 says that it's paired. The first time I paired it, it connected...
  16. J

    Menu button dimmer than back button on pebble blue model?

    Hi, Has anyone noticed that the capacitive menu button on the pebble blue version is slightly dimmer than the back button when they light up? Just wondering if that's normal or if I got a dud. Thanks!
  17. J

    Help Can't change camera storage to SD card

    Hi, I just put a new 32 gb microSD in my Samsung Captivate. I was recording a video after and got a message saying "Unable to record. Resolution not supported by memory card." Now, when I go in to the camera settings for both pictures and video the Storage option is set to Phone and I can't...
  18. J

    Help Battery doesn't fully charge when plugged in and wifi is on

    I've noticed some strange battery behaviour on my Captivate since upgrading to Gingerbread a while back. I use Green Power to save power and if I set it to leave WiFi on while the phone is plugged in then I don't seem to get a full charge when charging. For example, my battery gauge (and...
  19. J

    Samsung Galaxy S phones won't have latest Android update

    This is one of the biggest problems with Android Samsung disappoints 10 million Android customers - Technology & science - Wireless - msnbc.com Really makes me reconsider getting another Samsung phone.
  20. J

    Bloatware - Bell vs. Virgin (in Canada)

    Hi, Can anyone comment on the amount of bloatware on the Bell and Virgin (Canada) Samsung Galaxy S 2? I'd like to pick one up and unlock it so I want to know which one has less bloatware so I don't have to root it and get rid of it all. Thanks!
  21. J

    Battery percentage in notification bar in Froyo

    Hi, The Captivate FAQ says the following in regards to Froyo on the Captivate: I just upgraded to 2.2 Froyo on my Captivate (on Rogers in Canada) and there is no battery percentage shown near or in the battery indicator. Does anyone know how to get it to appear? Thanks!
  22. J

    Help Where is "Backup my settings"?

    Hi, I have been reading about backing up my captivate in preparation for upgrading to 2.2. All of the articles say that "Backup my settings" under Settings -> Privacy should be checked however I can't find that option. When I go to Settings -> Privacy it only has Use my location and Factory...
  23. J

    AppBrain Explore Users function doesn't work

    Hi, I installed AppBrain and it's fantastic, but one thing doesn't seem to work. When I launch the app and go to Explore Users it asks me to create an account, but I already have an account and am logged in. I tried clearing the cache under Applications and after that when I click on Explore...
  24. J

    Help Phone never sleeps, battery dead by the end of the day

    Hi, I haven't been getting very good battery life (less than one day with VERY minimal actual use). I installed Android System Info and went to DashBoard, then Battery, then History. If I select "Other usage" and "Since last unplugged" it shows "Running" as 100%. When I click on the...
  25. J

    Help Some apps not showing updates, can't find some apps, account sync question

    Hi, I got a Captivate on the Rogers network here in Canada and I have some questions about some weird things I've noticed. 1. Some apps don't show updates when there are updates available I use AppBrain and when I log in it says there are updates available for the following: Street View, Maps...