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  1. RawlingsSc

    Help Linked contact pictures

    Ok, I haven't been able to figure this out. If a contact is linked, like google+facebook+twitter, etc. How do I pick which profile picture it displays? My wife's contact now shows no picture, because it wants to use her google+ picture, and she doesn't have one. Any help would be awesome...
  2. RawlingsSc

    Screen Protector Recommendations

    OK, I searched this forum and didn't find anything about screen protectors. I'm getting the Note 10.1 in the next week, and I was wondering what everyone else is using and what seems to work best. Thanks!
  3. RawlingsSc

    Help HTC Mail trouble

    Last evening, I was getting my gmail in HTC Mail just fine. At some point, they stopped coming in. When I went to the mail app it said login failed. I rebooted, re-entered my password, and deleted the account to start over. Each time it said my username/password was wrong. I went to gmail...
  4. RawlingsSc

    Help Gmail in HTC Mail App

    OK, so yesterday I got no email most of the day, but then got 20 emails all at once around 5:00 or 6:00, don't remember for sure when they came in. This morning I opened HTC mail and it said my login to gmail failed. I checked my username and password and they were correct, so I went to the...
  5. RawlingsSc

    BackCountry Navigator is in the market

    Since I'm pretty sure the developer doesn't come to these forums, I decided to make the announcement. BackCountry Navigator has come out of Beta and is in the market. The program uses free to download topo maps and aerial photography. There are also free street maps and NASA Landsat maps...
  6. RawlingsSc

    Help Changing Google Account Password

    I searched and didn't find a good solid answer. I want to change my Google account password. I can do that online easily enough, but what will happen with my phone account? In my search I found someone who said it would just prompt for the new password and someone else that said it would...
  7. RawlingsSc

    Gas Price Search

    OK, I'm still new to Android and am coming from Windows Mobile. I had Windows Live Search, which allowed me to search for local gas prices, movies, restaurants, etc. It wasn't perfect, but did a pretty good job of it. I'd like something similar for my incredible, but I'm not finding much...
  8. RawlingsSc

    Latest Google Maps Update

    OK, so AppBrain sync tells me there's an update for Google Maps available. When I go into the market there are a lot of comments about the update breaking the app, but no real details. Anyone have experience with the latest update? I'm putting off updating till I know more. Thanks in advance.
  9. RawlingsSc

    Windows Mobile to Android

    OK, so I'm going to be headed in to the store on Thursday to get my DI. I'm going to be coming over from an XV6900 running Windows Mobile 6.1. I noticed that someone had a blog all about going from BlackBerry to Android, and I wondered if anyone had something similar for my situation? I'd...