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    Post your 4g/5g Speedtest

    Please:) Ok here we go
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    Freemobile from France

    Hello, Yesterday my Freemobile from France arrived here. You can save with it tons of money in the US and Canada as well as Mexiko. https://prepaid-data-sim-card.fandom.com/wiki/France Look how mutch free coverd The 19.99 € (“Forfait Free”) plan includes: unlimited calls to France and...
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    Pictures from Germany

    Here I am sitting near Langenhagentown https://www.google.com/maps/place/Strandbad+Silbersee,+Bothfelder+Str.+95,+30851+Langenhagen,+Deutschland/@52.4312408,9.7585243,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x47b072d0141328a5:0x78fcaa8455d7ced7
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    Mobile data prices worldwide

    I am very lucky to have a French contract because prices are very cheap in France https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.euronews.com/amp/2019/03/05/how-much-does-1gb-of-mobile-data-cost-across-europe
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    What do you like to eat

    I am eating japanese food
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    Which mobile operator do you use?

    I am using Google fi
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    Germany Essen

    Gernamy is very nice i like essen very mutch like the whole Ruhrarea. The subway in Essen is really futuristic...
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    For this reason I will keep fi in Germany

    Look.at the speed
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    HMC Connect overpriced Travelsim

    Look at this company. They sell a overpriced SIM for wordwide use. Google Fi and freemobile are much cheaper https://androidcommunity.com/hmd-connect-is-a-new-hassle-free-travel-data-sim-20200321/ freemobile is a good operator from france which allows to roam also worldwide in this countrys...
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    Hello, Did anyone heard of flexiroam? It helpes you to save roamingcosts if you are travelling a lot https://www.flexiroam.com/plans/global-data-plan
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    Travelsims like Fi,Knowroaming,BNE

    Do you think this services will have a future? I think Fi knows everyone BNE and knowroaming as flexiroam are alternatives https://www.bnesim.com/ https://www.knowroaming.com/ https://www.flexiroam.com/
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    Google fi takes no charge until July

    That's really good news. No Provider in the EU is doing it. In Spain you have to pay your bill monthly. They don't care if you have money or not
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    Using fi permanently abroad

    I chatted with the fi support yesterday and the guy says yes don't worry you can use our sim how long you like. 3 years in Australia 2 in Germany no problem
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    I would open a thred where we can discuss about Roamingtravelsims like Google Fi or Freemobile. Free covers 33 Countrys worldwide and is a franch contract. You can viwe more infos here https://prepaid-data-sim-card.fandom.com/wiki/France Three from the UK covers 71 destinations you can find...
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    America vs Canada Mobileplans

    If you go to Canada you could better take your American plan. Mobile data in Canada is.. read it here. But why are it in Canada so extremly expensive? https://www.iphoneincanada.ca/carriers/canada-expensive-data/ I can understand the people they simply use their USplan in Canada because the...
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    Activate fi outside the US

    Hello, Is there any trick how to activate fi without being im the us? I have three fi Sims here and I wouldn't go to usa because of Corona. Thanks for your help. The Google support says only it is possible in the us.
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    Your mobile operator

    Hello, I am using my French operator in the us. I have 25 GB global data and unlimited text and mms for 33 worldwide country's.