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    Root Possible root

    Check this out http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-j7/help/creating-bounty-boost-j700p-j7ltespr-t3412276/page2
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    Root J700P Root?

    I found this on Google http://www.androidinfotech.com/2016/06/samsung-galaxy-j7-sm-j700p-601_10.html?m=1 Anybody know if this is legit? Says it's for the boost and virgin mobile 6.0.1 version. I'm on virgin mobile but a little hesitate to try it if it's not legit.
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    Question about phone

    Anybody gotten this phone yet? Thinking about buying this phone and Was wondering about any opinions on it and if anybody has gotten root for it?
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    Root anybody plan on making a rom for the vitality???

    just like the title says. I've tried all the metro roms including the cm7.2 and all are super slow in data service and tethering or no data at all even thou I do replace the apns with crickets apn, and I noticed the only browser that works with those roms is opera. Dolphin don't work nor the...
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    Help anybody know the command lines

    Does anybody know the command lines to push apks thru terminal emulator. I got over 100 apps on my android and I hate installing them all one at a time. Most of them are games that my girl and daughter play. Sometimes its like they own the phone and not me lol. I do have androidsdk installed on...
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    Root Can anybody point me in the right direction for building a theme

    I see how every one is getting into the themes but they all from uot. I made one from there too but still Im not satisfied with it. Id like to build my own from scratch. No offense to those who are satisfied with uot but I know what I like and uot aint got it for me. Ive searched all over the...
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    Hey there vitality users

    This forum is pretty dead for supprt on our phone. Head over to either this part of the forum Admire - All Things Root - Android Forums or this part Samsung Admire - Android Forums for rooting or supprt for our phones. It may say admire but trust me, its the same phone. I have the vitality and...
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    Root Rewrite Muve SD Card to zero

    Ok, here's the thing. During the month of November and December the samsung vitality (admire) was promoted cheap and also given out in my town. The radio stations gave out at least 2 phones per day during mid November and mid December. I myself bought it cheap, which came with the speaker...
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    Root Vitality/admire muve music

    I rooted my cricket samsung vitality and did everything right. I really havent removed anything except for some of the useless apps so my phone is practically still the same. After a month I decided to use my muve music which comes on the vitality. Muve music isnt working, it says it needs an...