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  1. SteveDuk

    Root Rooted phone but getting nagged to accept a system upgrade

    I'm new to the HTC One and only received the phone (second hand) last week. The problem is I am being nagged to accept a system update: I realise that this won't install with TWRP but the only way to get rid of the nag is to download it and then pick 'Don't install'. It then...
  2. SteveDuk

    Root New lease of life for my Transformer

    Having sat in the cupboard for the best part of a year with a dodgy on/off switch and a very cracked screen I've bought it back to life. I needed a tablet for work that would stand up to the rigours of workshop life and while I was looking at the tough cases available I came across this one on...
  3. SteveDuk

    Root Root and the Samsung warranty.

    So current thinking is that Samsung will not honour their warranty for rooted phones but their EULA says: You may make one copy of the Software in machine readable form for backup purposes only So how would I do that without root? Just to be clear, I don't want to make a copy, I'm just...
  4. SteveDuk

    Has anyone got a Hudl yet?

    Seem to be out of stock everywhere. Are they that popular or are Tesco manufacturing a 'shortage' to get people panic buying?
  5. SteveDuk

    Car holder

    Has anyone found a car holder where the phone will fit in with a bumper type case on it. I've seen some universal ones but they look as it they will block the camera
  6. SteveDuk

    Hi all

    I've been a nokia user for years, tried other phones in the past but always went back, but I needed an Android phone for one app (Torque). A friend had just got an HTC Wildfire and couldn't get on with it so I swapped it for a spare nokia 5800 I had laying around. I haven't used my C6 since...