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  1. MrGlowy

    Root [MetroPCS & T-Mobile] MetroPCS Buildprop

    Can anyone upload the Version C buildprop for the LG Optimus F3? Thanks in advance!
  2. MrGlowy

    Root [MetroPCS & T-Mobile] (WIP)Themes

    DISCLAIMER: WE ARE NOT HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO YOUR PHONE AFTER FLASHING THESE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Note: The apks used were from T-mobile firmware version B. If it matters. Ok, now to the good stuff Black and Blue: Here is both of them in one zip Dialer_Sys_UI.zip -...
  3. MrGlowy

    LG Optimus F3 Theme? :D

    Just posting here as advised by AA. Here are the apks if you need them again https://app.box.com/s/q63wf9f6rnume30vrs7n Thanks!
  4. MrGlowy

    Root [MetroPCS & T-Mobile] Softkeys?

    Has anyone tried to enable the Softkeys? In the Motion, we'd just have to add a line to the build prop and there they were. Could that work on the f3 also?
  5. MrGlowy

    LG Optimus F6 Metro sub category

    Anyone notice that for the metro all things root, it says mertro? :D
  6. MrGlowy

    Shattered screen

    So sadly, just a few seconds ago. My phone feel face first from about two feet up. And the bottom half is SOOOOOOOO shattered.
  7. MrGlowy

    Help SD card lost?

    Well, I think in Thursday, my phone just stopped recognizing my card. Now not even my laptop recognizes it. Is there anything I can try?
  8. MrGlowy

    Root S-off hboot 1.27 help

    So how do we get soff since juopunutbear doesn't support windows?
  9. MrGlowy

    Root Needed apks.

    I need the video player apk and voice recorder apk deodexed. Please. Thanks in advance. :D
  10. MrGlowy

    Root (Themes)Been working on some :)

    I've been working on a theme for 2Gb's TCR. I would test it but I cant find anytime to do it. So if anyone wants to test it out, they can. I'll post up some screenshots tomorrow if I can. People to thank: 2GigayteSD Scrubtasticx GameTheory Disclamer:You guys know whats up. Im not responsible...
  11. MrGlowy

    Root Themes

    Why don't we have any nice themes like the Spirit?:going to regret this later:
  12. MrGlowy

    Help "could not connect to camera"

    So today, sometime during school, I kept getting "could not connect to camera" whenever I go into the camera app. I already tried restarting and force closing and clearing data from the app. But it didn't seem to work. Do you guys have any suggestions? If not,I'll just use the unbrick guide...
  13. MrGlowy

    Root HELP Virtuous Ten Studio

    Does anyone know how to decompile and recompile apks using VTS?
  14. MrGlowy

    Root Version E build prop

    Download to all the build props in second post below. Thanks to ViperDink ;)
  15. MrGlowy

    Root Factory reset

    Am i the only one that whenever I do a factory reset through either recovery or the system one that when it boots back up, the home button doesn't work?
  16. MrGlowy

    Root Boot animations?

    Are there any boot animations that we can flash or put onto our phone, or can we not because of the bootloader?
  17. MrGlowy

    Root I can't root.

    Whenever I try to root the phone. I click the root.bat and then it tells me that adb isn't a recognized command. I need help figuring out how to root my phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. MrGlowy

    Root (Rom)(Port)CM7 for Ideos

    im going to try to port the cm7 for ideos for our m835. i might doing this during the weekend. and i might need A lot of help as i have no experiance. im also going to need testers.
  19. MrGlowy

    Root Ideos rom with working data but no calls

    i found this ideos rom and i flashed it on my m835 and everything worked but not calls. everytime i would try to make a call or recieve one, the phone apk would force close :mad: . i just wanted to point this out...
  20. MrGlowy

    Hey :D

    I'm not that new to androids but I'm sorta new to this site. I mostly try custom toms on my m835. I prefer to use mate35 than the cm7 for it.