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  1. ren857

    Different 3rd Party Launchers for Different Phones

    I realized recently that I prefer different launchers depending on the phone I use. For example, with my Epic Touch, I preferred Go Launcher, and later, SPB Shell. But when I changed to the S3, I preferred TSF Shell. Now, I'm using the Note 2, and I really like the Apex Pro Launcher for this...
  2. ren857

    Help [Solved] 2 Note IIs - one can play mp4 file...the other can't

    My husband and I both have GN2s. Mine is white and his is titanium gray. My sister emailed to me a video she took using her Galaxy S2 phone. I download it but I can't play it. When I try to with the stock video player and the MX Player app, it says "Cannot play video." I forward the email to...
  3. ren857

    A case for the ladies... (and guys too :) ) - iFace

    ETA: I removed the link to these cases. I recently became aware that the cases are fake. I never want to lead anyone to buy knock-offs. I was not aware that iFace was a Korean brand, but when you know better, you do better. A link to what, I believe, are the authentic cases is here...
  4. ren857

    I STILL love my Note 2

    I've had this phone since October 28th and I love it more than I did when I first got it! I've never used a phone as much as I've used the GN2. What about you? Are you still in love or is the honeymoon over? :p
  5. ren857

    Any games that can utilize the s-pen

    I was just curious to see if anyone discovered any games that can utilize the s-pen. I would imagine that any game that would require you to tap something would suffice.
  6. ren857

    Sprint Note 2 Multi-window update available in the next 5 days!!!

    Sprint Community: 11/7 - Samsung Galaxy Note II Software Update - L900VPALJC http://community.sprint.com/baw/community/buzzaboutwireless/phones-and-devices/samsung/samsung_galaxy_note_ii/blog/2012/11/07/samsung-galaxy-note-ii-software-updates So excited!!!
  7. ren857

    Help I can't delete a gallery folder - wallpapers won't show

    Okay. Now I have a new issue. There is a folder that shows up in my gallery app even though it does not exist. The folder got there because I downloaded some Nexus 4 wallpapers in a zip file (to my "download" folder on my ext sd card), extracted them to my external sd card (on the root of...
  8. ren857

    Help T-Mobile USA Users - Do you have the camera sound??

    T-Mobile users, can you check to see if you can silence the camera sound? It appears that you cannot on the Sprint version - even if you mute all sounds. The camera sound is loud too. It was the same way with the Sprint's S3 variant. And, no, I am not a perv. I like to take pics of my...
  9. ren857

    Cool Galaxy Note 2 Features found in review videos

    In anticipation of the impending release of the one of the best phones ever - the Galaxy Note 2, I thought that I would start a thread listing some of the coolest features found on the Note 2 that were spotted on review videos. I know I have watched a good number of them (I can't help it) and...
  10. ren857

    Help S3 camera slow with flash ON

    This has been driving me crazy! Is anyone else's camera slow taking pictures when the flash is on? Mine is as slow as the s2's camera with the flash on. The s3 camera is fast with the flash off, however. Please tell me that my phone isn't the only one that is slow... I need to know if I...
  11. ren857

    Help EVO LTE getting warm playing videos?

    I watched 2 YouTube videos (a couple minutes each) and during the 2nd video, my phone got extremely warm - near the top of the phone (the glossy area). Anyone else? Should I return the phone (i don't wanna...lol)
  12. ren857

    Help Faster Camera

    I have the Epic 4G Touch and I have a question about the camera. Is there anyway to make it take photos faster? I've used an iPhone 4s before and the camera on that phone is fast...I could take picture after picture of my 3-month-old son without the phone having to refocus after every shot...
  13. ren857

    Help Static while using headphones

    I'm not sure if I should send my xoom back to motorola, so I need some advice. When I use the headphones on my xoom, I hear static. I have changed headphones, and I still hear it. But, I only hear it while playing certain movies and when I play vidoes on youtube. I don't hear it while...
  14. ren857

    Hello! Android veteran but new to these parts...

    Hello everyone! I'm Ren and I am new to these forums but not new to Android. I've been using an android phone for almost two years (since the launch of the G1 in October 2008.) In those two years, I have owned the following Android phones : G1 (brown and white) Motorola Cliq Nexus One...