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  1. dberthia

    ICS finally coming in "early Q3"

    From Motorola today: https://forums.motorola.com/pages/00add97d6c
  2. dberthia

    Help Google Reader app vanishing

    Last night, out of the blue, my Google Reader app icon started disappearing from my home screen, app drawer, and manage applications list. The only way to get it back was to reinstall, and even then it keeps disappearing. My first thought was there was some kind of update that moved the app...
  3. dberthia

    Homerun Battle 3D no longer supports rooted phones!

    WTF? The latest from the Homerun Battle 3D changelog: This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. I bought the game, and now I can't play it unless I remove root? If you agree, let the developer know: Com2uS Corporate :: Email | iPhone Games, iPod Touch Games, iPad Games, Android Games
  4. dberthia

    Root Gmail issue on 5.7.893?

    I've noticed one peculiar issue after updating to 5.7.893. When I run the Gmail app and delete messages, they don't show up as deleted when I run the web version of Gmail. This never was an issue when I was running stock. Has anybody else seen this?
  5. dberthia

    Root Swype problems

    I rooted my Bionic, removed the stock version of Swype using TBU, and installed the latest beta version. This all works great until I reboot the phone, then I get constant Swype force closes. If I uninstall and reinstall Swype, it works fine again until I reboot, then I see the problems again...
  6. dberthia

    Root Disable browser request on USB mount?

    Every time I connect my Bionic to my PC via USB, it launches a Verizon page in my PC's browser. Anybody know how to disable this?
  7. dberthia

    Uninstalled app, can't reinstall

    At one point I'd downloaded the Dolphin browser to my Droid, and then uninstalled it. I was recently going to try it again, but when I went to the market, it said it was already installed. When I went to Manage Applications to uninstall it again, it wasn't in the list. I've been messing...