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  1. waynester

    Don't want update, try this

    If you been reading about the update and want to wait a bit... talk of patch to fix connection problems... CHECK √ the sync over wifi only box. Settings> Data Manager>Social Applications>sync over wifi only even if you try to manual update it will check for update and and tell you to try...
  2. waynester

    Help my first phone freeze

    Removed razr from HD dock today , phone froze in bedside mode. Powered down than up , fixed. I use the dock every night, this is the first time had probs, maybe a stray higgs particle hit it.
  3. waynester

    google earth update probs

    new update to google earth, anyone else have probs? first time I tried to update , it reported not enough memory and in process uninstalled google earth already installed. Due to bug in froyo/Dinc I do get low memory warnings at about the 300MB area. So I went ahead and cleaned , uninstalled a...
  4. waynester

    sketch book

    For those that like to sketch, check this program out. SketchBook Pro - Paint and Draw Sketching Software - Autodesk the mobile version is in market now, a free version and an paid. I went ahead and got the paid version, now I'm looking for a stylus. You can do the ole' "draw binky" thing with...
  5. waynester


    any reason for massive amount of updates? I had 15 updates today, no biggie just wondering. Maybe long weekend gave devs some freetime and the updates are coming through now.
  6. waynester

    sex and the Droid

    OK gotta have some comments about this, and do they mean one at a time? or all at once? Study: iPhone Users Have More Sex - Health Blog - CBS News
  7. waynester

    Awesome drop

    YouTube - Awesome Drop Intro anyone use this? does not sync, just to transfer files using browser. works well on my quickie test
  8. waynester

    Converter Suite

    DVDVideoSoft.com: Download free DVD, iPod, YouTube video converter and editor software and freeware Those looking for diff converters might try this Suite. Looks good for the avg user, they are more powerful and full featured ones around, but this seems pretty complete. 6 youtube 11 video for...
  9. waynester

    ConsumerReports: dont get an iPhone

    Consumer Reports Electronics Blog: Lab tests: Why Consumer Reports can't recommend the iPhone 4 I for one have been a fan of Consumer Reports since the ralph nader days. About as unbiased as you will find, IMO. *love the fix...duct tape on your pretty Iphone hahaha **oops thanks for moving...
  10. waynester

    now this would be a great boot up

    YouTube - Verizon DROIDX Never Miss
  11. waynester

    rock player, play avi mkv rmvb flv mp4 3gp

    This is the player that we could not talk about before , it was private beta now it is public beta so here it is... We are proud to announce the android video player, RockPlayer is ready for public beta, enjoy video on your favorite phone now! Support Android OS : 1.6 - 2.2 Support Media...
  12. waynester

    storage /sync tip

    Syncplicity - 2GB free Dropbox - 2GB free Sugarsync - 2GB free If you use dropbox for simple file transfer (as i do), here are two more , though besides the basics they seem to offer features that a power user/biz would appreciate in app
  13. waynester

    Which is google gonna buy?

    Syncplicity - 2GB free Dropbox - 2GB free Sugarsync - 2GB free These apps are just too handy for google not to notice.
  14. waynester

    What apps show Dinc's potential?

    What apps do you think really show off the ability of the Dinc? Two that have really impressed me are... Backbreaker Football and google Sky Map.
  15. waynester

    yes backbreaker football is in market

    Since I got several hits for football... Back breaker football game is on market and it is awesome! I've only played the rookie level for about 5mins, but the graphics and play/movements just blow me away. Already worth the $2.99 for game. This Backbreaker and google Sky map , IMO, really show...
  16. waynester

    System panel

    As it has already been noted in EVO threads, SystemPanel App / Task Manager history /installer and a few other features no longer work. That is because it has finally broken into a lite ver and paid ver. The lite (free) might be fine for most. The paid is $2.99, well worth it IMO.
  17. waynester

    Help Vcast for Inc , used to be free with data pac?

    Maybe I am rem wrong, but with $15 data pac on my voyager and dare seemed to include vcast. So with $30 pac , it's not free/included ? Anyone want to remind me why vcast would be worth extra $10 a month vzw will now charge you? *it didnt impress me enough to rem it
  18. waynester

    Curious, how many Apps do you have?

    So how many apps do you have? Ruh-roh, I'm an appoholoic waynester's Apps on the phone Phone: ADR6300 70 total, 70 free (100%), 0 paid (0%), 66MB total size, $0 total price Battery Detective Bubble ThickButtons Keyboard ASTRO File Manager Tiny DVR - IP cameras viewer X96 Everything...
  19. waynester

    update to SystemPanel App / Task Manager app

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us This is a handy app. As you can see where I circled , it shows the current cpu usage for apps (I refreshed so you could see the bar graph). came in very handy today, my bat was draining way to fast, using this app I found bar code scanner, that i had used to check a...
  20. waynester

    Apps SDK, Dalvik Debug and win 7 on htc Incredible

    * using win 7 64 bit * Could someone point me to Thread or site with tut on installing SDK? I've installed the sdk and java jdk but Incredible is not recognized by Dalvik Debug. Yes i have debug checked on phone , I think it is related to ADB driver, though i point driver update to the sdk file...
  21. waynester

    warning to those coming from resistive screen

    Wow I was deff not prepared for the change in screens . I am coming from an sammy Omnia. The Omnia is a resistive touch screen, and you can add very resistive at times. needless to say the "back" button is being well used. It is very easy for me to select an item or call someone by mistake due...
  22. waynester


    Twitter Blog: Twitter for Android: Robots like to share too
  23. waynester

    usa today dishes g1

    i meant to post this when it came out can you say "paranoid" ? seems to me that author was feeding on security fears http://www.usatoday.com/tech/wireless/phones/2009-02-08-google-g1-web-tracking-privacy_N.htm
  24. waynester

    security update pics

  25. waynester

    BOO ! vzw running scared?

    http://www.engadgetmobile.com/2008/10/31/verizon-wants-you-to-know-why-you-shouldnt-buy-the-g1/ kinda reaching ...even for vzw