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  1. shedevil7953

    My Samsung Galaxy S8 calendar won't sync to PC

    I've added new events about a week ago by PC that were not showing up on phone. I've searched, etc. and deleted an old calendar, cleared cache under Storage, tried to find assistance on PC, but can't seem to get it to sync again. Synced manually, turned phone off several times. what else can...
  2. shedevil7953

    Samsung Galaxy S8 phone wore out?

    Hi, I have a Galaxy S8 that I purchased in Sept. 2017 so not quite 4 years old. I don't want to replace because then I'll lose my my data plan to unlimited. I now have 45MB which works better for me than an unlimited plan for downloads, etc., work items. I tried the unlimited plan a few years...
  3. shedevil7953

    Real time GPS tracker for dementia patient

    The GPS tracker I was using is being discontinued the end of the month. I used it to see where my husband was going on his bike rides since he got lost about a year ago, and I had to go find him. This wasn't free but it was worth the money and peace of mind. It was also real time too. Can...
  4. shedevil7953

    Help S8 missed calls not showing up

    Bought a new S8 last September. Since then missed calls and voice mail messages have not shown up on the phone until about 4 days later on 3 separate occasions. The calls don't show up in the recent calls log or voice mail messages. Any ideas why? Thank you.
  5. shedevil7953

    S8 screen protector

    Hi, had to upgrade from S5 to S8 recently because hubby's S4 died and he got my S5. Bought a Zagg screen protector with it (haven't put it on yet) but reviews say non-glass lifts on the sides. However, if I go with a glass screen protector, I can't use with most cases as they won't fit right...
  6. shedevil7953

    Samsung Galaxy S5 not as responsive

    Hi, recently had an AT&T update. Ever since, phone doesn't seem as responsive. For example, swiping from page to page, clicking on an app to open, etc. It seems to hesitate before engaging in the action selected. Is this coincidental to the update or could it be the battery is aging since...
  7. shedevil7953

    signal boosters for home?

    I've searched and read other threads regarding this but most are several years old. My situation is that we live in a rural area. We had satellite for internet service a few years back but it was expensive and the internet would crawl. When we got smartphones, I was educated about tethering...
  8. shedevil7953

    Family locator app?

    I did a search but mostly found very outdated threads. My husband is showing signs of early dementia and he rides his bicycle nearly everyday. We live in the country and he takes different routes. If something were to happen to him, I'd have no way of knowing where to look. Can anyone...
  9. shedevil7953

    Help Samsung reinstalling removed apps

    Whenever I shut the phone down to charge, when I turn it back on Samsung has reinstalled ChatON and S Health. I don't want them and keep uninstalling them. I've searched the S5 forum and didn't find anything on this. Does anyone know why this keeps happening?
  10. shedevil7953

    Help Rugby losing battery life

    Hubby just got this phone a year and 3 months ago. Just recently, it's draining the battery excessively. He's not a big phone user, doesn't text, doesn't surf net, etc. He uses it for the phone capability only. It's drained to below 30% daily for the past 2 days after completely charging it...
  11. shedevil7953

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 & Mifi Liberate

    Just bought about a week ago. Didn't realize it didn't have AT&T cellular on it. Got at Best Buy and able to set up 18 months no interest. AT&T carries the cellular model but Best Buy can't get it anytime soon. Long story short, bought AT&T's Mifi Liberate mobile hotspot. Since I had...
  12. shedevil7953

    Help Can't download Android apps on Note or Note 8 tablet

    I've been having problems for the past 6 months in downloading apps or updates from Google Play on my Note phone. I have to disconnect from my router and download through 4G. Have had the phone for a year and didn't have this problem for the first 6 months. Nothing has changed on my wireless...
  13. shedevil7953

    Hi from central Indiana

    Searched for a forum specifically addressing issues with Samsung Galaxy Note Jelly Bean update and found it! Thanks for having me.