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  1. reza

    flashplayer won't play videos on sony s tab(android 3.2)

    Hi guys, I got my sony s tab just a few hours ago, & it is my first exprince with android 3.2,(i had a android 2.2 phone for a few years), & the first problem I got is about flashplayer, flash games are working, but flash video contents (like putlocker,stagevu,... exept utube) are not working...
  2. reza

    what is "backup to SD" on non rooted phone "hero ,android 2.1" mean?

    what is "backup to SD" on non rooted phone "hero ,android 2.1" means? on application Appmonster ,i see 4 options: lunch,uninstall,backup to SD & search at market,what "backup to SD" does? i remember that i read somewhere that just with rooted phone is possible to run apps from SD,is it different...
  3. reza

    Huge delay when returning to home screen on android 2.1 ?

    android 2.1 installed on hero,but non of voice commanding/recognition apps work because "google voice recognition" haven't installed & i can't find it on market,any suggestion?
  4. reza

    Gooooooooooot it,finally got a frimware update ,android 2.x on hero,netherlands!

    Gooooooooooot it,finally got a frimware update ,android 2.x on hero,netherlands!!
  5. reza

    I haven't get it yet,should we kill those apps we don't use with TASK KILLER or not ?!?

    I guess that i like most of other android users,try to improve overall performance of my system & most importantly have a better energy sufficiency for a little longer battery life,but here there is a fundamental question & contradiction ,(for me as a person who is not a IT professional but...
  6. reza

    Draining battery in less then 3-4 hours,i guess because my phone doesn't sleep,solution please!

    Following my last thread for same reason,"full charge battery goes empty in less then 3-4 hours,even with wi-fi,gps,.... turned off",with tip of you guys,i monitored battery usage with "spare parts" app,first i haven't notice anything unusual: SPARE PARTS gave me very normal cpu usage:1-android...
  7. reza

    with a full charge battery in STAND-BY, it takes just about 3-4 hours for battery to be empty! help!

    i got this problem recently after installing a bunch of new app,till this point with all app & wi-fi on ,it took about a day to recharge,when i used my phone with all functions, but now: i uninstalled most of those new app,i turn wi-fi,gps,3g off,kill all background tasks with task panel,even...
  8. reza

    What is the latest firmware version for hero?

    What is the latest os android version (firmware version) for hero? i haven't been around for sometimes,but i remember about 6 month ago here i read some threads about new frimware upgrade very soon,has it happened or not yet? my phone has firmware version 1.5, is there any upgrade available...
  9. reza

    Help Farsi Font

    How can install Farsi/Persian font(same as Arabic) on my device?,i guess there is some pre-installed font because translator app is working & it is able to show those Persian text but on other hand on internet,facebook,etc when text written on farsi i just have some meaningless sign,any suggestion?
  10. reza

    Why i can't download new app?

    Why i can't download any new application? I didn't have any problem with application downloading till today,but now when i want to download new app,i get "starting download ..." without anything to happen,& it stay in same way till i cancel downloading manually(i allow it to work for about hour...
  11. reza

    Security on android devices?

    htc hero is my first android device & i use it for my regular e-banking too,with pc we use internet security suite,anti spyware & etc to insure our system,what we have to do about our mobile phones? we use same user names & same password on our pc & our phone & if we need to guard them on pc it...
  12. reza

    Weird problem with wi-fi connection on my Hero!

    There is public wi-fi with very good signal on my work place but when i turn wi-fi on my htc Hero on,i lost my internet connection & just if i turn wi-fi off then i will connect again.(mobile network is on on both condition.).i wondering what could be the reason?(because if we suppose wi-fi...
  13. reza

    problem with bluetooth connection on htc hero

    my vaio & my htc hero are paired finally with some difficulty ,now i got message "paired but not connected" on my blutooth setting on hero & i can not find any option to connect these pair device ,not on laptop neither the phone,what i need to do? i appreciate your help
  14. reza