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  1. theartfullodger

    Battery charging v v slow

    Odd, had my 3a for just over a year: Never had any particular issues with battery. This morning (left on charge overnight) it was showing just 57%. Slowly declined today, even when out driving with usual charge lead. If plugged into USB-C lead it does charge up a bit, but v v slowly, although...
  2. theartfullodger

    Google Chrome installing for 3 weeks - won't finish

    I have a 3a, runs fine. Apps install and/or update to new versions fine. But Google Chrome has been "installing" for about 3 weeks, never finishes. Android 10, all Google updates, Chrome Version 78.0.3904.62 reported. Tried disabling Chrome, no change, restarted 'phone - no change . Force...
  3. theartfullodger

    Leagoo Lead 5

    Just got one, www.amazon.co.uk/Original-Lead-MTK6582-Android-Smartphone/dp/B00Q6GM30W Quick & cheap: Had Nexus (One, Prime) till now. Anyone else?
  4. theartfullodger

    Help 'phone started dying for no apparent reason

    My Galaxy Nexus (bought December 2011) has just started dying, complete sudden switch off, no normal power-down sequence, for no apparent reason. Happened maybe 8 times since yesterday when it started. It will re-boot (if Power-on pressed etc..), seems otherwise normal. Running 4.2.2, stock...
  5. theartfullodger

    HTC payout over 2-year warranty **UK**

    Readers may be interested, particularly in UK... I'd had three repairs done by HTC (or their UK agents, Regeneris..) on my little 'droid... one for free (as it should have been..), the other two charged for (almost
  6. theartfullodger

    Sky Go anyone?? - Probably UK only interest

    Anyone got Sky Go working an a stock Galaxy Nexus in UK?? Any suggested links for .apk?? had a look on xda but completely confused.. Regards & thanks in advance.. PS "Sky" is a UK satellite broadcaster: "Sky Go" is their watch-TV-on-Mobile App. It seems to be available for some 'droid...
  7. theartfullodger

    Help Market won't download

    Well, just got my old Nexus One back from HTC after (hopefully) getting fixed (weak 2G signal...). Giving it to the wife & set up a new Gmail etc ID for her (she's got an old, very dumb, Nokia she uses for voice & txt only...). So, power it back on, stick in a spare SIM I'd happily used...
  8. theartfullodger

    Status Bar symbol meanings??

    Don't seem to be able to find where the status bar symbols, particularly network, are documented.. e.g. like they were for my old Nexus One here.. *** NB This is NOT repeat NOT true for Samsung Galaxy Nexus *** i.e. so I can not guess what this lot means... (recent clip off my 'phone... )...
  9. theartfullodger

    European/UK User Guide or other stuff??

    Guys: I've found the "Quick Start Giude" (24 pages, UK I think..on Samsung website..) and both a Verizon-front-paged 108 page User Guide and as-far-as-I-can-tell-same-last-107-pages Google ICS User Guide, 107 pages... http://www.google.com/help/hc/pdfs/mobile/AndroidUsersGuide-40-en.pdf...
  10. theartfullodger

    "Anti-virus Free" by AVG Mobilisation won't install

    I've had anti-V by AVG for some time.. Day or so ago there was an update available via. Market so i tried to take it... just sat there trying for ages ,.... .. so I uninstalled the tried to install from scratch..it sits there spinning on "loading" but never gets beyond that... - anyone else...
  11. theartfullodger

    Help Micro USB socket damaged

    Sadly after 18 months+ happy ownership I managed to trip over the charging cable yesterday and, whilst the glass survived ('phew!!) the micro-USB socket is now much looser and appears a trifle bent. It works, data transfer etc & charging, but the charging cable falls out easily, especially...
  12. theartfullodger

    Best alternative to Skype on Android??

    It's probably just me but the news that the Dark Empire, Microsoft, had bought Skype has me resolving to find something else.. Any suggestions?? I'm In UK so Google Voice ain't an option (?? yet ?? Anyone know if it's invading Europe??) (My Software strategy? ABM: Anything But Microsoft...)...
  13. theartfullodger

    Help Ringtone, notification sound & calendar reminder keep changing

    Hi guys... This is weird.. Had the dog for about 6+ months now, love it. Runs stock, 2.2.1. I have different ringtones for 'phone ringing, gmail notification & calendar alarm... In last week or so these have changed a couple of times for no apparent reason (nope, it wasn't me!!): Easily...
  14. theartfullodger

    Help Unlock screen unresponsive, battery pop only fix..

    Guys I've had a few times (6?) over 3 months found my N1 will "wake-up" when power button touched, but the unlock screen is entirely unresponsive. It then won't power off fully & only solution I've found is a battery pop... sounds very like this guy with the Droid...
  15. theartfullodger

    You've reached your allowance - may be cut off

    1st time this has happened to me... normally I live in a house with wi-fi but currently I'm elsewhere, so data usage higher... Got a txt this morning, 1 days before the end of my month-end-date for contract, stating... "You've reached your allowance under the 3 Fair Use Policy. http.... You...
  16. theartfullodger

    3 splash screen on access by tethering

    A heads up guys... On using my Laptop tethered (Nexus1, Froyo 2.2, by wifi or USB cable) I get a 3 splash screen on first opening up a browser (IE or Firefox). There don't seem to be any other issues ... yet...i.e. I can then get at all stuff on't t'InterWeb, Software updates (Ubuntu or...
  17. theartfullodger

    Help Does your N1 get hot when running satnav NAVIGATION??

    I usually use my car's inbuilt SatNav (well, bigger screen, bigger buttons 2 press) but ran good 'ole Google's a couple of times recently... (it does things the car's doesn't... ) and found the beast was hot / very warm afterwards & the battery only @ 70% whilst being used plugged into a...
  18. theartfullodger

    Help Gallery displaying pics not on SD card...

    A weird one this, Gallery displays a couple of folders of pics that are not on the SD card that I didn't want. I was cleaning up my folders & pics etc. etc. and couldn't delete these.... Found the names, the dates, hunted for them on the card, couldn't find them (including hunting from...
  19. theartfullodger

    Tips for ensuring good performance???

    Hi Guys 'n Gals.. I've a Nexus One (Stock, 2.1-update1) and was getting increasingly slow APP performance as well as APP crashes from time2time, and the 'phone was getting hotter than I was used to, again intermittently. It then occurred to me (D'oh!, only been in IT 35+ years...) that maybe I...
  20. theartfullodger

    Help "My Phone Number" reporting incorrectly

    Guys 'n Gals.. (drove past one of Jimmy Savile's houses today.,..) My Nexus One reports "My phone number" (Settings => "About phone" => Status ) - as the SIM number before my "previous 'phone" number was PAC'd and ported... The PAC transfer happened about 3 weeks ago.,... The phone appears...
  21. theartfullodger

    Dear all.. Just to let anyone else interested know... I signed up for a SIM only, 1-month rolling, 3 deal 9th Feb with "Unlimited Internet" (yeah, I know, 1Gb 'fair use'.. but I can take that...). Realised yesterday from my online account that it was was showing charges for 'tInterWeb -