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  1. tproctor

    Headin out

    Just got the Rezound for the wife and I. The Eris was a great phone and I appreciate all the help that all of the Eris owners provided. I will check in now and again and will probably continue to keep up with the root section just in case I need to fall back.
  2. tproctor

    Help How to Clear Apps from Notification Bar

    Is there a way to clear the apps that show up when you pull down the notification bar? Or, is there a setting to shut that feature off? Thanks
  3. tproctor

    Help Full Screen Widget

    I just upgraded to the Rez (which is awesome compared to my little buddy that could Eris) and I'm trying to get my Weatherbug Map Widget to cover the full screen. It used to automatically set to the full screen on the Eris, so I'm sure there is a setting that I am missing in Sense. Does anyone...
  4. tproctor

    Root Titanium Backup and ROM

    Couple questions: I have rooted but not loaded a custom ROM as of yet. I have Titanium Backup, but am unsure really how to use it. When I get ready to load a ROM, do I need to back everything up to a computer or will Titanium Backup save everything on my SD card? Next one, what is the ROM...
  5. tproctor

    Safe Mode?

    How do you get an Eris out of safe mode? My wife left her phone outside and it got a little wet. I dried it off and pulled the battery to make sure it didn't get wet. Put it all back together and rebooted. Now the phone is stuck in safe mode. No downloaded apps are showing, Lookout will not...
  6. tproctor

    Root Looking for a ROM

    Ok, I'm not rooted yet, but would like to know what is a good ROM that fits the following: 1) uses an ADW Launcher style home 2) Overclock 3) Sync with Google and Facebook (like OTA 2.1) 4) Get rid of unwanted bloatware. 5) Easy to use for a novice (read really novice) rooter. 6) No bugs. I'm...
  7. tproctor

    What type of Videos?

    What type of videos will the Eris play? MP4, Mpeg4... I tried putting both on my phone and neither would play with the stock app. One had sound with no picture, the other had a picture that just stuck. I'm trying to put a movie on my phone so that I'll have something to do when I'm travelling.
  8. tproctor

    World Cup Streaming

    Has anyone figured out how to stream the World Cup games on their Eris?
  9. tproctor

    Song title App

    What's the name of the app that will give you the name of the band and/or song?
  10. tproctor

    2.1 Sent Message Notification

    Okay, did the OTA upgrade and got everything setup. Sent a text out and received a "Message Sent" notification. Any ideas how to shut this off? Seems like it could get annoying real quick.
  11. tproctor

    Dolphin Browser and Short cut

    I use the Dolphin Browser and am wondering how to add a shortcut to a website on to the home screen or even if there is any way to do that. Thanks.
  12. tproctor

    Tethering Questions

    Can someone explain this tethering thing to me? I've read through a ton of threads, but am still having a hard time grasping exactly what this is for. I know there are several apps (PDANet, Easytether), but what exactly is tethering used for? Thanks in advance.
  13. tproctor

    Forwarded Message Problem

    Ok, this one is weird. Every time my sister in law forwards a message to my wife, it shows up that I sent the message. Has anyone seen this before and if so, how do I fix it?
  14. tproctor

    Eris and .wmv file

    Is the Eris capable of viewing .wmv files or am I doing something wrong? I tried it and all I got was a black screen, but I could here the audio.
  15. tproctor

    FB Applications

    Is there any way to be able to run some Facebook applications from the browser (i.e. zynga poker)? I know we don't have Flash 10.1 on our phones, but is there a way to run them without it?
  16. tproctor

    Dophin Browser Question

    Just downloaded the Dolphin Browser and want to know what the Gesture is? Also, is there a way to copy my bookmarks from the normal browser to Dolphin?